Rockin the Cold Germs Away

Dealing with a summer cold. Needed a good dose of adrenaline-filled rock and roll to get me over it. Very international flavor today, in order, London, England, Queens, NY, Ireland, Stockholm, Sweden, and Buffalo , NY. Here it is:

Art Brut-Good Weekend-BUY CD
Joey Ramone -Maria Bartiromo-BUY CD
npb-popsong112-BUY CD
The Hellacopters - Toys And Flavors-BUY CD
3 Man -Undone-BUY CD

Put Me in Coach...

Just got to love it-Promoed by the snake man in 360º Slither sound no less. I think he lives on mice under airplane seats. My man C.C. (or is it C squared?) getting all lit up in Wall Street Journal article-way to carry the flag Beantown butter and egg man! Now tell us where we can get scrod in Boston?

Got a great idea for the Podfather-my lips are sealed until it's done. Still temporarily not in the party(Put me in coach)-no ITunes directory listing yet, but digging the new software. Will podcast later today so just hold your earbuds!


ITunes 4.9-Big Step in the Right Direction

Yes I'm pissed that Getting a Leg Up should be in the new ITunes 4.9 directory and isn't yet. However, Apple has taken podcast receiving, subscribing, awareness a great step forward by including it into their ITunes system and making it much user frindly than all the previous podcast tuner/aggregators.

To include our podcast after installing ITunes, go to ITunes, press on Advanced Menu, then press subscribe to podcast, copy this link: http://legup.libsyn.com/rss
then paste in window and click ok. You got it! Enjoy-you'll be able to find a lot of other great podcasts in there as well. Happy hunting!


Rainy Tales

I got bitten by a musical snake, a dreadful snake podcast full of Americana music! Never the less -the show must go on. Sitting here mildewing from the abundant precipitation so I'm going to rain back on you with rain music.


Chunghua Night Market Soundseeing Cast

Well here is soundseeing cast with my buddy Eltion Liou. Meet up with some local tatooed boys, and enjoy the sights and aromas.

Midpoint is song dedicated to Mothra-Godzilla's mortal enemy.

All this recorded on the portable red gadget.
Soundseeing Cast


Music Sandwich EOM Special


In the Wee Hours: Show 24

Poem: Room
By Aron Michalski 10/18/91
What am I doing up? Chatting on skype, arranging podcast-must use up those precious libsyn megabytes. More and more female vocals are starting to click as is reflected in tonights cast.
Chuck Prophet-Summertime Thing BUY CD
One of those people I probably should have known due to all the mutual friends acquaintences in common, but... Definitely cool than his friends.
Why do I always want to confuse her with Victoria Williams? Same last name, both singer-song writers, just dumb? Never the less, great soulful voice with intelligent lyrics.
The Delgados-I Fought the Angels BUY CD
Aye, now I'm throwing down the gauntlet and stepping on to the Tartan Podcast territory. Can't help it Mark. Great band, great song much more melodic than Mary from France.
Buddy & Julie Miller- You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast BUY CD
Kind of raunchy tune from excellent husband and wife duo. He plays in Emmy Lou Harris' Band which is nothing to sneeze at.
James McMurty-Red Dress BUY CD Compadre Records Podcast
Here's a guy with a famous dad-novelist Larry McMurtry carrying his own weight as a singer songwriter. He's also a fellow Wildcat. This song is like an audio straight edged razor. This is one nasty white man from Texas


Torn Asunder: PCast #23

When The Song Begins
Poem by Mark Forman

One of those days where had you known better you would have stayed in bed... phooey on that. No ostriches on this bus. Tiring as it may be, fires need to be put out, problems need to be solved, and most importantly-baby always needs new shoes.

Playing a new song from one of my favorite artists all time, with him singing no less-that's a good move in the right direction. The Eno man himself, of Roxy Music, David Bowie, Talking Heads and U2 fame.

Another new song by an old favorite-Westy crooning away while strumming the acoustic guit box non-placematted, but crooning never the less.

A new band and song from Pela

Just what the doctor ordered some friendly, familiar Tucson music-Rich Hopkins.

Oooh, a classic from the best band that never existed-The Golden Palominos-where oh where is Anton Fier. Another case of them that burn brightest burning fastest?
Brian Eno-This BUY CD Download the Official Brian Eno podcast!
Paul Westerberg-Look Up In Heaven BUY CD
Pela-Episodes BUY CD
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios-White Powder Ma BUY CD
Golden Palominos-Boy(Go)-Buy CD

Wow prepping for show and listening to the music I feel I'm in the mountains above the clouds!

You asked for it-more Chinese music in cast. I'm using some classic Chinese music as background. How do you like it?
I Am
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

I am the blur you see
From the corner of your eye
Crackling sound
in the Distance

I am the click you hear
When the trigger is pulled
Tree falling
No one around

I am the freshness you taste
Before the storm hits
Heat flashing
Head pounding

I am the fear your feel
Closet door is unclosed
Screaming echoes
Deep black well

I am the blood you touch
On wrinkled negligee
Vision of drowning
Mouth like cotton

I am that animal you sense
Off in the bushes
Reddening eyes
Beholden to instinct

Notes from a horn
Infrared rays
The hole in the sky
I am.

Pssst...Did you bring the stuff?

Props to my friend Brad-yes Brad props is hiphop speak for support, encouragement,etc. By the way next time 500 yellow ones, 1,000 blue, and 1,500 blue & green. haha

My man Mike from Sparklejets UK-for new tunes which will be rotation for sure and ID's.


What's happening inside your head?

When the Song Begins
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

When the song begins to play
Visions start to come
Reality and illusion blur
With the beating of the drum

Then the strumming of the strings
Neck moving like a spring
Falling down on to the ground
Vibrating while I sing

When the pulsing of the bass
Takes me where I want to go
Into my heart it leaps
Helping my blood to flow

Then it all begins to gel
Like a rainbow in a jar
An old amped up violin
Rattling windows in the car

Once, and twice and twice again
I hear it in my head
Again, and one time more again
My needle’s hitting red

We sing our songs
And tell our tales
For everyone to hear
Until they turn upon us
Then down another beer

We tell our lies
And smile and grin
Our best for you to see
You’re thanks so very painful
You just can’t let us be

When the song goes on and on
The merry-go-round keeps turning
Melody comes from deep inside
An intensity almost burning

Then we become your stars
Some icons for your wall
Fodder for your cannon fire
Ducks sitting heads held tall

Been reading plenty of poems lately, figure I should try writing some as well. This one I heard in my head kind of like a grunge song-specifically early Soundgarden.

Busted by ID3 tag police-go figure. Typing with Tipi's on. Life still goes on. Must fix beeping UPS before it drives me insane.


Cars Need a Place to Park

by Reetika Vazirani
Kind of a mellow Sunday afternoon podcast for me. Trashing the junk e-mails. Looking up some poems. Bringing out the good tunes.

Been getting good energy from Dixie friends lately-this time I mentioned Large Hearted Boy blog-excellent. Father's Day back home but not here. We celebrate on 8/8 because in Chinese it sounds like Papa...

Sleater-Kinney Band-Wilderness Buy CD
Iron Hero-Pilot In My Head- Buy CD
The Atomic Bitchwax-The Destroyer BUY CD
Bubble-I Hurt Myself Buy CD


Blog Daisy Chain

Comic Strip 88 : Podcasting will kill Audible like Meteor killed Dinosaurs but it will be fault of Audible


Idea for this comic strip comes partially from: Mark Forman.

This guy is in Taiwan and he has this blog and he seems to be able to type whatever he wants and he does so with great style. He also gave me the nicest compliments here, yesterday. It makes up for the rest of you dissing me on Blogger Day. I keed, josh, joke and play. Anyway, if you like what I do here you need to check out Getting A Leg Up and then nominate him for a podcast award, here. He deserves it.

What can I say guys-you complete me! Kudos to CSB and Doolittlegood!

See Honey, I'm not Crazy!



The Julie Andrews-Free Sound of Music

Music-The Food For Life
Poem by Nikhil Parekh

All I can say is wow-I'm still speechless and shaking after reciting this poem!

Now to do the man's words justice how about some fine music. I'm indebited to Tim via Will and alot of blogsites, in particular: Bang Up Job a fine mp3 blog site that offers a lot of good writing and music I can hear well. All kinds of good energy via words from music podcast buddies Hashman and Bitterman who's weezing along in Scotland as we live and breathe.

The wild and funky Gael Monsieur Rock was a totally wonderful happy surprise find strolling along mp3 blog avenue. No dead ends on this street believe you me! Like sliding into home plate on the top of a Key Lime Pie-this one really is all good!


NYC Power-trio The 101’s latest, Green Street, marks the band’s first release for the Limekiln Records imprint and a passionate follow up to 2004’s critically-acclaimed debut ep (eponymous, Self-Starter Foundation). With Green Street, Eric Richter continues to define The 101’s infectiously catchy sound, combining the finely honed atmospheric touch of his previous band Antarctica, with the emotive drive of his Christie Front Drive years, to create a well-crafted rock album with no end to its emotional depth or sense of tasteful simplicity. The album shifts easily from the excitement and yearning of tracks like “Never In”...

Yes, *that* Yellow Pills. Jordan Oakes, editor of the incredibly important and influential power pop fanzine from the early 90`s and compiler of the 4 volumes of Yellow Pills comps in the mid/late 90`s ....

Familiar faves include Shoes and The Toms(2 rare songs!!). From there, depending on your connection and passion to power pop`s roots, it goes deep into glorious obscurity to varying degrees. The Tweeds, Luxury, The Bats(featuring a young Jon Brion at the helm), The Speedies, Colors, LMNOP, The Finns(who were featured on Not Lame`s very first release back in 1995!), The Treble Boys, The Kids, Colors and more(see below). The 33 tracks assembled here represent the least-heard, best examples of an era that felt nostalgic even the first time around. But heard in the context of today`s "pop" music industry as it lip syncs itself into history`s cut-out bin, these "hopefuls" sound as startling and menthol-fresh as the word "Liverpool" drifting from Jane Asher`s lips. Thank God for Record Collectors. Jordan, the turntable`s yours. A unbridled ride into pure pop bliss, covet today.

Garnering their name from the Gretsch guitars they promised to buy themselves when they "made it", along with a perfect example of their wacky humor (attaching the oh-so-eighties "u.k." tag) they set out from Orange County to make their mark on the Los Angeles pop hotbed. They released their critically acclaimed debut "In, Through, and Beyond" at the end of 1998, and it wasn't long until they were flavor of the month among pop stalwarts across the nation, playing knockout shows at crowded clubs and major pop festivals. Their new-found alliances paid off in their 2000 release of a coup-de-gras tribute album to themselves featuring 20 other bands.

Hmm, Gretsch, now there's a story here (buried in the dark closet of the Brooklyn Bluesman's mind with all the lost Mad magazines that mommy put in their when I wasn't looking).

Ahh, The Shins of New Mexico(right next door to my Arizona) via Portland (where it rains and they clone Nike staff people before sending them to Taiwan to live in ginger bread houses and fit 15 to one pair of swoosh jockey shorts). Oh we were talking about the Shins-of Garden State fame-if the movie wasn't as absolutely fantastic as it was, you'd have to give total credit to the Shins for most of the soundtrack, which made a great movie even greater.

Podcast mp3 file


Big Props For Little Lady

Share of Bubble is going through some rough personal stuff right now, but is still hanging tough. Here is a link for excellent GuitarNoise article she wrote, perfect for any aspiring songwriter. Hang in there kiddo-our prayers are with you and your family-you'll be rockin' steady real soon.


Clock Favorites Alright For Kissing Chicks

Life's Parties
By Daniel Frey
So what to call today's cast-how about a hodgepodge of the included song titles. Today we actually feature 5 songs instead of usual 4- extra-value added.

The And/Ors: Flexiclocks Buy CD
...it is inventive, exhilarating, and entirely enthralling, and it promises much. - All Music Guide. Reminiscent of early Television, Big Star, Guided By Voices and Replacements, the and/ors were warming the blood of rock-n-roll.

Minnesotas most loveable-The Replacements-Favorite Thing Buy CD
For a time the world's best rock'n'roll band — proof that those who missed the '60s could still build something great on the crass and hollow corpse of '70s music — Minneapolis' Replacements began as juvenile punks whose give-a-shit attitude masked the seeds of singer/guitarist/songwriter Paul Westerberg's self- destructive genius for injecting sensitivity into flat-out chaos.

It all started with jokes about getting mullets and driving Z28s, followed by a chance meeting and an idea to jam. There was talk of half-shirts and leg warmers. Although the levity has hardly subsided, CAMAROSMITH got real serious, real fast at the top of '02, and have no intention of relenting until they get what they want. CAMAROSMITH-Alright Buy CD

"Canada's First and Only Rock and Roll Band!" Sick Fits-Kiss You on the Lips

Brother Love-Sick of Chicks Buy CD Not the most politically correct song title of all time, but it still rocks and it still grooves, and guaranty the chicks will dig it! NYC's Album of the Year Man.

Everybody's Got an Opinion, but Nobody's Reaching for the Check

Another day of many raindrops-fortunately I have a roof over my head. Roof keeps me dry, music keeps the melancholy away. Got a nice promo from my brother. Some good feedback from a new friend. By unanimous desicision the Comic Strip Blogger makes the links. His twisted humor and well drawn cartoons give me a much needed laugh.

Jane Says, "everybody had their own opinion, holding it back, hurt so hard..." How about the one where there's 2 old guys eating and one says,"oy vey-the food is terrible here. The other swallows his food turns his head and says, I know and such small portions too!"


Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me Baby

by Langston Hughes

Ooh, just found out that P-Dub (P.W. Fenton) is a blues hound as well as being a lover of classic radio. That's why you got some blues, I said Bluuuues coming at you today. This has been a long time coming so here are the blue soundwaves today:


Uh Huh, I Can Hear That

Nalan Xingde Poem
The mountain, a march;
The river, a march;
The the uplands and over the Yu Kuan Pass I go.
Countless lamps in the tented darkness glow.

A night-watch of wind,
A night-watch of snow -
And a clamor that shatters my sleepless home-sick heart.
I know a garden where it is not so.

Tr. A. Ayling & D. Mackintosh

Oh yeah, here comes old BBlueman's grandaddy, the Old Crawlin Kingsnake Man himself. I miss him, but we have all of his beautiful music to remember him by. This track with his gifted beautiful spirit music buddy-Mr. Carlos Santana-folks it doesn't get any better than this.Link below will take you to John Lee Hooker's Foundation site.

An energetic, uplifting, feelgood groove-pop thing, the music of Fat Nut breaks the mold of cookie cutter alternative rock and fills you with an indelible vibe, a breath of fresh air. Their unique combination of melodic steel drums fused with the thick intricate guitar work and tight rhythm section compel you to whistle their music long after it has stopped. (They said it-not me-but I'll buy that).

Together, the members of Parchman Farm birth a satisfying but ugly musical child. In an era where garage music and garages in general have been contemporized to the point of being futuristic, the old school soul seems missing from today's rock and roll bands, except of course for 50 Cent, the 21st century's answer to both Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Screamin' Jackie Robinson. Parchman Farm satiates that special part inside each and every one of us. They are steeped in boiling hot water for a long period of time until the water is flavored. You don't have to, but they suggest that you believe in the power of both the right and the left hand. But wash your hands before you shake the hands of the Parchman Farm people, and wash your hands afterwards because chances are they didn't wash their hands beforehand.

Q Who else has been in the Wildhearts?
Past members include:

Snake (ex-Tobruk), Julian Deen (ex-Soho Roses), Pat Walters (ex-Soho Roses),Bam (Dogs D'amour and Bubble), Ritch Battersby (ex-Radio Moscow, ex-Grand Theft Audio and Security) , Willie Dowling (ex-Grip, ex-Cat People, ex-Honeycrack, The Celebrity Squares)
Mark Keds (ex-Senseless Things, ex-Jolt), Devin Townsend (ex-Vai and Solo Artist), Jef Streatfield (ex-Schmoozer, ex-Farmer Geddon and Plan A, Danny McCormack (ex-Energetic Krusher, ex-Yo-Yo's, ex-Chasers). Need I say any more? Oh yeah-Ginger

NY Poets:Dog, Cats, and Television

3 Rock My Worlds Today

Wow 3 e-mails that rocked my world:
  1. Miss Gem of Misadventures in Taiwan Podcast gave me a link and an e-beam of sunshine! Give her site a listen.
  2. Miss Share of the rough and rockin Bubble had these kind words: hey mark,

    what a cool email to read today! wow!!!
    re: sparkle star................... we managed to get it very well placed in 'dancing at the blue iguana' starring daryl hannah.

    also.........re: podsafe. i'm assuming that relates to publishing? or is it the label which is us. so let us know.

Organic! @ the Rockwood2
3. hey Mark,
thanks for spreading the gospel! we would love for you to play any and
all Organic! tunes on your pod-casts.
please keep us posted and hope to hear from you soon...Here's some photos from gig at Rockwood Music Hall-6/6/05

Well it's so nice to be loved-make sure to check out their casts, music, etc. and share some love with them.


Call It What You Will

Rain at Night:

An early cricket chirps,

then pauses;
the dying lamp gutters
then flares again.

Outside my window
I know it is raining--
the leaves of the banana
first know its drumming.

Bai Ju Yi:
Translated by
David Lunde

I've been hearing a bunch of good stuff, some of it new to me, and pretty exciting. Love hearing new tunes. If you have any you'd like to turn me on to, please do so. Send info or links to e-mail
I'm calling this cast "Call It What You Will Cast", because I don't know how to tie it up in a neat little package, with a ribbon and appropriate label. My second choice for today's cast was "The Bitchin' Music Cast." So take your pick.

Devin Townsend is one mucho heavy multi-faceted singer/musician (numerous quality musical projects). Started out with Steve Vai when just a sprout. He and his music have grown up together.
Bubble caught me off guard- I'm not usually into chick singers, but this clicked, so sue me!
Know I've got a little bit of history with Jason Falkner, ever since he was in the slightly overblown Jellyfish. Done several killer power pop discs including some great covers. Love him as a solo artist.
UK's Cardiacs where an accidental treasure discovered by link on Wildheart's site. Very rich eclectic flavor in this band from alt-rock to Frank Zappa.
mp3 for this podcast

We Be Cultural-We Not Political

In attempt to tie together loose ends, I'll be including Chinese Poems in English in forthcoming podcasts.I'll also include text in blog. I originally took a Chinese Poetry class at the University of Arizona

It was because of this that I got the crazy idea, that if I learned Chinese that perhaps one day I'd be able to read the Chinese poetry in Chinese, and not lose anything in translation. So here I am 26 years later, the last 18 of which I've been living in Taiwan.

Haven't tried to read the things in Chinese, been to busy. Maybe that will be one of the things I do when I retire-till then, need to make more hay while the sun's shining.


Summer Saturday

The day begins with a thumbs up from the uncle-he likes podcasts and blog. Technology's collapsing time-frame is blowing his mind. Took the fam out for lunch a Terry's. Terry will provide some more indie stuff for podcast play-cheers mate! Nice bite and chat. Here at the box now. To all powers that be-please encourage Apple to accept ITunes Store orders from Taiwan.

Grooved to some new good tunes from A Hash site. Mere Mortals Excellent edgy sound- I like that. You can take the boy out of NY, but the NY DNA dies hard! Three cheers! Think we need to do PowerPop cast!


Rainy Day, Dream All Day!

Things started out on the good foot-Bro Love had a nice little e-mail followed up by some new tunes, hurt me baby. The BroLo's guitar man-John Caban did the digital transfering and informed me that he and another very talented hombre-Bennett Paster are cooking up an Organic but very Funky brew ala MMW and Bernie Worrell, etc.

John and Bennett graciously permitted me to incorporate part of one of their smoking tunes: Shakin' the Hen House into our Intro/outro, now that's what I'm talking about-I can get my dose of Funkified Chicken Fat every time I pick up the mic.

Since the Organic gang got the NYC side of my left brain going, couldn't resist playing TV on the Radio's: Satellite, followed by the raucous Bloc Party's tasty-Banquet, Organic's Shakin' the Hen House, set closer is the aforementiond Brother Love again gettin us in the mood for "Summertime" and strolling along in Prospect Park. Ah, reminds me of the summertimes of my boyhood in the former Dutch colony. Bye, bye rain!


Don't Rock-Need Not Apply!

Yowsuh-today was really what I needed. A good dose of volume and a beat to pick up the pace here on a muggy early summer day! So the doctor ordered one of my old fave's:
N.J.'s Monster Magnet back on a podsafe indie label. Album: Monolithic Baby Song: Unbroken(Hotel Baby).

Then El Mojave Desert's very own Brant Bjorn of Kyuss and Fu Manchu fame: Album: Local Angel Song: Local Angel.

Taiwan's own Jindowin, by way of South Africa, Hungary and USA Demo:Crazy Baby.

Last but not least the emotive New Joisy's June Spirit: Leaving NJ in my rearview Mirror
Below we have more links than your local butcher shop.
Monster Magnet
Brant Bjorn/Duma Records
June Spirit
This Podcast