Disembodied Silliness#41

Poem 1 & 2
Props to Nick Carver-No Idle Frets Jazz Guitar podcast, Disembodied Voices Podcast group
Fake French 2:52 Le Tigre
Low Desert Punk 5:21 Brant Bjork
Man U. 5:13 The Giraffes
Valentine's Day Massacre 1:44 Lynyrd's Innards
Grand Prix 2:58 The Evil Queens Podsafe Music Network
shine 3:16 bob cuba
Knuckles 3:43 Traindodge
Monster 3:14 sparkle*jets u.k.

Background music for show:
DJ COA 3:24 Hidden Souls Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 2:35 Pocketbook Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 3:09 Cold Cloth and an Icepack Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 2:49 Gronk Patrol Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 2:58 Hotcake Syrup Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 3:55 Clouds or Smoke Podsafe Music Network
Derek K. Miller 2:30 Stop Yield go Merge Podsafe Music Network
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Disembodied Voices Podcast Group

Disembodied Voices Podcast Group: New Podcast group looking for like minded, free-spirit members who are committed to expressing themselves through podcasting. If this sounds like you please leave comment or e-mail.

PodSafe Music Network Offers Podcaster's Convenience

This in from PMN’s head honcho: if you are registered with PMN as podcaster>login>check your playlist>right click on xml link> load into subscribe for podcast in Itunes>you’ll get a complete listing in Itunes of your songlist songs which you can then download by clicking on get button!


Sunny, Almost 40 Degrees#40

Today we reached show #40-and celebrate with a sunny mix of music-enjoy!
Poem 1
Towards The Sun-mp3 4:51 Drop BUY CD
Under The Sun 5:38 Raging Slab
White Sunshine 2:06 Murderbeach
Sunlight 5:58 Matthew Sweet

Magnolia 2:28 Apollo Sunshine BUY CD
Sunday Driver 3:53 Sharks and Minnows BUY CD
Sun City Suicide 4:19 Go Robot, Go! BUY CD
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Amusing news

Technical Glitches

Hello loyal listening friends and fellow music lovers,
It has been brought to my attention that due to some adjustments in my rss enclosure end tags that this may cause older versions of IPodder Lemon to duplicate downloading the same file. This is being corrected and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If in fact, you have downloaded the same file more than once, why don’t you ask a friend to listen and enjoy our little crazy world within the Getting a Leg Up universe? So I say off with the heads of the tech geeks until we need them again(and then re-connect their heads, of course).

Secondly, on NY Devil Show#39-I apologize for some slight static and the doubling up on last song-these are what make podcasts so endearing-the human element. In shogun tradition I have cut off the right index finger of my producer Pepe Lemoko. He has vowed never to make that mistake again.


NJ Devil#39


Scotty Beamed Up#38

This show in honor of the late James Doohan(Star Trek's Mr. Scott)
newbreed 4:24 Frantic Chant BUY CD
Planes Above Us 2:55 The Milwaukees BUY CD

Lady 3:44 Analog Blue BUY CD
When I Goosestep 2:25 The Shins
One More Week 3:14 1,2,3 and the Fours BUY CD
Summertime 3:07 Brother Love BUY CD
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Some Good Mind Toys

Actor James Doohan; Scotty on 'Star Trek' Scotty we'll miss you here on earth, and trust you to look after our dilithium crystals till we meet again.
PODCASTING: Radio Revolution
Microsoft squanders podcasting opportunity
Pistons, Larry Brown part ways Gee,is it cause I talked with other teams while mine was still engaged in playoff competition?
Microsoft sues rival for hiring executive Do Major Corporations Actualldo Dirty Underhanded Stuff Like That?
Stand Up Comics Talking with Joe Sacco, the innovator of contemporary comics journalism

Maybe I'm not Crazy After All?

Most of you that have listened to my podcast know that I have a love for poetry and have been reciting poems along with playing music. That’s why this headline intrigued me: Mixing Books and Booze-In Seattle, poetry is the new rock 'n' roll.


From Massachusetts to Glasgow:#37


I've Said it Before and I'll Say it Again

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy the fine music blogging and music recommendations of http://bangupjob.blogspot.com. Consistently intelligent content with excellent tips on the best in new power pop, and indie rock bands. It humbles the Brooklyn Bluesman to say this, but many of my NYC band tips come from this southern gentleman. One of my true behind the scenes partners for helping to bring quality music podcasting to you.

Taiphoon Takes Taiwan By Storm

We've been getting our share of heavy winds and now hard rains from the first typhoon of the season-Haitang. Fortunately, no major damage, paticularly around where I am. Will be posting typhoon influenced podcast later today. We can expect another shortage of produce and higher prices.


Haitanging It Out of Here#36

Typhoon Haitang hit last night and we got the day off.. So this is the typhoon inspired cast.
Storm 4:38 Devin Townsend Band BUY CD
Blue Wind Blew (The Flatlanders) 3:17 Townes Van Zandt Tribute

Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic Buy CD
Storm Across The Sea 4:16 Chuck Prophet
3 Sheets To The Wind 8:00 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios BUY CD
Fear of Drowning 4:22 British Sea Power
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Leave Gumby Alone#35


Follow the Money Trail-Careful Not to Get Wet

I can understand Mark Cuban( http://www.blogmaverick.com/) having an opinion, and after all he’s at least a hundred million times smarter than me. What I can’t get is why he’s pissing so heavy on the podcasting parade? Is there some conflict with some business plan he has, that he’s not telling us about? The technology he helped develop is still around, but he walked away with a billion ducats and his company tanked. Last time I checked, the San Antonio Spurs are the world champions, while Mr. Cuban’s team are also-rans. There’s still the issue of the billions, hey Mark if you can throw a little more coin my way, not the miserly $.17/hour that you guesstimate, but lets say even $17/hour, and I’ll start podcasting how great the Mavericks are and how white your teeth are, etc.


Seven Shining Stars #34

Honey, have you seen the kids?

What’ll the product development geniuses think of next? This one has got liability written all over it, but a little harmless fun...


Back to the Future Days of Heavy Knots King:33

Poem 1 & 2
back back train 1:51 Terraplane BUY CD
Future Sightings 3:18 I am the World Trade Center Buy CD
Here's To The Days 3:45 Boulevard BUY CD
Heavy Soup 3:21 Corner Shop

Angles & Knots 3:25 Tinkerbell's Dope Ring BUY CD
King Kong Frown 2:57 Departure Lounge

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I watched Sideways last night. What a scream-an excellent movie from beginning to end. I think Alexander Payne did more with grade “B” character actors than he did with stars(Jack Nicholson and Matthew Broderick) in his last and first movies, even though they were good as well. The “B” actors in Sideways, name Paul Giamotti, Thomas Hayden Church, Virginia Madsen, and Stephanie Cho don’t distract you from the characters or the story. Nice to see Alexander is wandering away from native Nebraska as well. Paul G has such a great face, permanently sad, even when he’s smiling. His college actor buddy is such a total louse- great stuff.


Under the Microscope: #32

I was recently put under the microscope by Eric & Cohry of Vox Monitor. Two independent musicians that do a podcast critiquing/reviewing other podcasts. Other than finding out that my podcast rocked their world, I discovered that Eric is afraid of blue M&M's and stepping on cracks in the sidewalk; while Cohry is an autistic idiot savant that never took a lesson but plays the theramin even better than the guy in "Good Vibrations", by the Beach Boys. This podcast is dedicated and in response to them.
Poem 1 & 2
My Mind Is Rambling 6:21 Junior Kimbrough BUY CD Can't Say It 3:35 The Vitamen BUY CD
Solvent 5:56 Gravity Propulsion System BUY CD
2 Wheel Nation 5:23 Acid King BUY CD
No More Reasons 3:32 SEXSLAVES BUY CD
Down in Mississippi 4:37 Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid and James Blood Ulmer BUY CD

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Don't Be so Smart that your Stupid!

Words of wisdom  from my wise grandmother no longer here in body, only in spirit. I mistakenly transferred an e-mail as a post the other day and it contained an mp3 file which caused me major grief and errors with this blog. Couldn’t delete, bla, blah, blah, finally it dawned on me to edit, it took over an hour for the edit to cycle through do the huge amount of data bits showing in the post. Then I simply selected and dumped it and hit post, and voila, everything is fixed again. Computers were designed by people who don’t know how to talk to people. We must tame these dumb digital beasts. Blogger support is great for the price-worthless, but site is free. My grandmother also told me never to look a gift horse in the mouth so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

One of my old locally based music buddies is getting interested in podcasting-good for him.


The Giraffes: New CD/Eponymous BUY IT

Mark -

Thanks for including The Giraffes in your podcast. Their new CD "The Giraffes" comes out on Tuesday 7/12 in the US so if you could give us a shout out that would be great. We're looking to get people to go to our message boards at www.thegiraffes.com <http://www.thegiraffes.com> , and to our MySpace page at www.myspace.com/thegiraffes <http://www.myspace.com/thegiraffes> .

Enjoy... Stay in touch.

Tim Foisset
New Media Marketing Manager
Razor & Tie

Brainwashed Blind Cowards

My prayers and sympathies for the innocent victims of the London bomb attacks. This is obviously the deed of brainwashed fanatics who move amongst the shadows striking out at the innocent, to strike fear in the hearts of all. London congratulations on 2012 Olympics-beat them by living large and living free!


Magnet+Iron=Attraction #31

Poem 1 & 2
The Monster magnet begins the super cruel reaction over plane thronabulax' surface. Moving and shaking the planet's iron content.... later water upon iron brings rust. tales are spun, fun is had! New background music for talking, yummy yummy. Ear candy sweeter by the minute.

Supercruel 3:40 Monster Magnet BUY CD
Heart of a Ghost 4:37 Iron Hero BUY CD
Woman King 4:21 Iron & Wine BUY CD
Iron Galaxy 5:56 Cannibal Ox BUY CD
Kinda Dry 2:45 Players Club BUY CD
Rusted Lincoln 4:14 Traindodge

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In a perfect world...

While Itunes 4.9 is not a perfect system, and maybe not fully accepted by the core podcasting community, one thing I’m excited about I the internationalization of podcasting. There are 3 Japan(ese) podcasts in the top 100 now. Guess what, I’m an American and speak a foreign language! Several for that matter. I’m looking forward to my listing and to my Chinese speaking friends getting in the pool. 很高興非英文的播客出來,歡迎大家加油!


Hot Fun in the Summertime #30

Going crazy from the heat.. If you like really dry dark humor please listen to the Bitterman Circle podcast. Some crazy amish guy that's managed to get his hands on some personal media devices and let's it rip.

Story today based on song titles-spontaneous silly improv.

Bacon 2.22.05 4:31 Organic!
fairWarning 3:18 Cynix
Geocities Kitty 1:57 Chixdiggit
Icebound Stream 3:04 Laura Veirs
Who's To Say 4:27 Blanche With Jack White
Long Time Coming 4:00 The Delays

Shown #30 Download

Never Know who'll you'll meet on Skype

Just had a disturbing Skype call from some guy claiming to be a spiritual medium for Hunter Thompson. Calling from Kansas of all places. This is just the type of thing that the Homeland security people are supposed to keep from happening so we can sleep peacefully at night. Well, any how I got the poor wretch to calm down after promising him some Girl Scout cookies from my own personal stash. This seemed to settle him down some, but then he started ranting about foreign tourists ruining Las Vegas for the rest of the hard working Americans that can pick up conversations from the planet Saturn without wearing a hat or tin foil.

Can anyone help me. If he calls again what should I do.....

In Memory of Christopher Rose

Very sad to see, in my home town of Brooklyn, this young boy of 15 was murdered for his IPod. I don't know if it's the first time, all I know is it's a tragic waste of a young life. My heart and sympathies go out to the family of young Christopher.


Having a Headbangers Ball Day: #29

Poem 1
Having a litle Headbangers ball moment hear before I take the boy to Independence Day Festivities over at Tiger City. Love this time of the year-I know you do too! Have a super time with your families and friends this weekend in rock and in peace!

lyz -burnin BUY CD
Hope Trueblood-Hand of Mercy BUY CD
Drop-Walk Away BUY CD
SuperMercado-Scary Baby BUY CD

Atomic One-You BUY CD