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Photo Courstesy of C. Doctorow
Hello fellow netizens and Citizen Media receiver/transmitters! So much has been going on so quickly, it's all very exciting! Due to the work and art of impressive individuals like Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Dave Slusher, Brad Sucks, Jonathan Coulton, the Steadman Band and others, I've decide to add new feature to FC podcast. This is Free Culture News which will focus on news dealing with EFF, DRM, CC and other isues relevant to freedom of information, technology, and citizen media.

Hence, included in this episode of Free Culture, I offer first Free Culture News mini-cast, which will evolve into a regular podcast once I complete Free Culture casts. In addition to news and some commentary, of course I will play selections of fine Creative Commons music.

The news stories covered in today's episode:
DRM story in WSJ refered by C. Doctorow/BoingBoing
FreeCulture.org project against spurious patents infringing on nomal life activities
refered by C. Doctorow/BoingBoing
Corporate Cowardice Gives Way To Avarice refered by C. Doctorow/BoingBoing

Music for show:
Theme:Weapons Of MassDeception 3:21 The Bots (first robot band to be underwhelmed by US president)
Background: Sun City Solo 10:37 Orb Gettarr
Kenesaw Mountain Landis 3:29 Jonathan Coulton
Good To Go 3:55 Steadman
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