Don't Rock-Need Not Apply!

Yowsuh-today was really what I needed. A good dose of volume and a beat to pick up the pace here on a muggy early summer day! So the doctor ordered one of my old fave's:
N.J.'s Monster Magnet back on a podsafe indie label. Album: Monolithic Baby Song: Unbroken(Hotel Baby).

Then El Mojave Desert's very own Brant Bjorn of Kyuss and Fu Manchu fame: Album: Local Angel Song: Local Angel.

Taiwan's own Jindowin, by way of South Africa, Hungary and USA Demo:Crazy Baby.

Last but not least the emotive New Joisy's June Spirit: Leaving NJ in my rearview Mirror
Below we have more links than your local butcher shop.
Monster Magnet
Brant Bjorn/Duma Records
June Spirit
This Podcast


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