What's happening inside your head?

When the Song Begins
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

When the song begins to play
Visions start to come
Reality and illusion blur
With the beating of the drum

Then the strumming of the strings
Neck moving like a spring
Falling down on to the ground
Vibrating while I sing

When the pulsing of the bass
Takes me where I want to go
Into my heart it leaps
Helping my blood to flow

Then it all begins to gel
Like a rainbow in a jar
An old amped up violin
Rattling windows in the car

Once, and twice and twice again
I hear it in my head
Again, and one time more again
My needle’s hitting red

We sing our songs
And tell our tales
For everyone to hear
Until they turn upon us
Then down another beer

We tell our lies
And smile and grin
Our best for you to see
You’re thanks so very painful
You just can’t let us be

When the song goes on and on
The merry-go-round keeps turning
Melody comes from deep inside
An intensity almost burning

Then we become your stars
Some icons for your wall
Fodder for your cannon fire
Ducks sitting heads held tall

Been reading plenty of poems lately, figure I should try writing some as well. This one I heard in my head kind of like a grunge song-specifically early Soundgarden.

Busted by ID3 tag police-go figure. Typing with Tipi's on. Life still goes on. Must fix beeping UPS before it drives me insane.


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