In the Wee Hours: Show 24

Poem: Room
By Aron Michalski 10/18/91
What am I doing up? Chatting on skype, arranging podcast-must use up those precious libsyn megabytes. More and more female vocals are starting to click as is reflected in tonights cast.
Chuck Prophet-Summertime Thing BUY CD
One of those people I probably should have known due to all the mutual friends acquaintences in common, but... Definitely cool than his friends.
Why do I always want to confuse her with Victoria Williams? Same last name, both singer-song writers, just dumb? Never the less, great soulful voice with intelligent lyrics.
The Delgados-I Fought the Angels BUY CD
Aye, now I'm throwing down the gauntlet and stepping on to the Tartan Podcast territory. Can't help it Mark. Great band, great song much more melodic than Mary from France.
Buddy & Julie Miller- You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast BUY CD
Kind of raunchy tune from excellent husband and wife duo. He plays in Emmy Lou Harris' Band which is nothing to sneeze at.
James McMurty-Red Dress BUY CD Compadre Records Podcast
Here's a guy with a famous dad-novelist Larry McMurtry carrying his own weight as a singer songwriter. He's also a fellow Wildcat. This song is like an audio straight edged razor. This is one nasty white man from Texas


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