Clock Favorites Alright For Kissing Chicks

Life's Parties
By Daniel Frey
So what to call today's cast-how about a hodgepodge of the included song titles. Today we actually feature 5 songs instead of usual 4- extra-value added.

The And/Ors: Flexiclocks Buy CD
...it is inventive, exhilarating, and entirely enthralling, and it promises much. - All Music Guide. Reminiscent of early Television, Big Star, Guided By Voices and Replacements, the and/ors were warming the blood of rock-n-roll.

Minnesotas most loveable-The Replacements-Favorite Thing Buy CD
For a time the world's best rock'n'roll band — proof that those who missed the '60s could still build something great on the crass and hollow corpse of '70s music — Minneapolis' Replacements began as juvenile punks whose give-a-shit attitude masked the seeds of singer/guitarist/songwriter Paul Westerberg's self- destructive genius for injecting sensitivity into flat-out chaos.

It all started with jokes about getting mullets and driving Z28s, followed by a chance meeting and an idea to jam. There was talk of half-shirts and leg warmers. Although the levity has hardly subsided, CAMAROSMITH got real serious, real fast at the top of '02, and have no intention of relenting until they get what they want. CAMAROSMITH-Alright Buy CD

"Canada's First and Only Rock and Roll Band!" Sick Fits-Kiss You on the Lips

Brother Love-Sick of Chicks Buy CD Not the most politically correct song title of all time, but it still rocks and it still grooves, and guaranty the chicks will dig it! NYC's Album of the Year Man.


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