Free Culture: Introduction

Here is an advance on first installment of new series that will commence in about 2 weeks upon conclusion of Down and Out. Cory D. concurred that this book is an excellent choice and a very timely piece of material for evryone to be thinking about and acting upon. Please check the links on Professor Lawrence Lessig, author of Free Culture-they are very impressive and numerous. This is one professor not content to remain in the lofty towers of academia, but is rather a very active presence in the numerous organizations he participates in, and has a great passion for raising our awareness towards the enemies of our free usage of information technologies.

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Theme: Weapons of Mass Deception The Bots
Intermission: Making Me Nervous 2:37 Brad Sucks
Background: Not from concentrate 7:01 Suono Vivace
The endless last 9:59 Suono Vivace
Compromise_Q-1 3:07 Suono Vivace
Memo 5:23 Antenne

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Blogger D said...

Great show! I look forward to hearing more from Free Culture...
-Daniel Emery from Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else - http://seeker.libsyn.com

7:16 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Thanks Dan, I think Lessig is one of our living national treasures. Enjoying the heck out of your stories.So nice to have another podcast I can stay subscribed to.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...







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