Summer Saturday

The day begins with a thumbs up from the uncle-he likes podcasts and blog. Technology's collapsing time-frame is blowing his mind. Took the fam out for lunch a Terry's. Terry will provide some more indie stuff for podcast play-cheers mate! Nice bite and chat. Here at the box now. To all powers that be-please encourage Apple to accept ITunes Store orders from Taiwan.

Grooved to some new good tunes from A Hash site. Mere Mortals Excellent edgy sound- I like that. You can take the boy out of NY, but the NY DNA dies hard! Three cheers! Think we need to do PowerPop cast!


Blogger Heavy T said...

Yo Money!
Somebody say "PowerPop!?"
Got a whole list of the sticky, chewy for you...

BTW, am digging the new layout and graphic. Good effort.

and yeah, the poems are pretty cool too, though I am more of a dirty limerick guy myself.


7:39 PM  

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