La Leche

Although I rarely drink the stuff any more, it’s worth giving a listen to Taiwan’s Milk. An eclectic jam-style band with a heavy funk jazzy groove. Fun having Darren as first guest to Brooklyn Bluesman Asian-Pacific regional studio. Make sure to check out their website: Milk Site
Milk Podcast
Make sure to check them out when they're playing in your area!


Memorial Day in the Home Land

I’m a lover and not a fighter. Blessed is the peacemaker. When all hell breaks loose and someone needs to make a stand, it’s often more guts than glory. I salute America’s brave men and women that honor the call of duty!


Long Time No Blah, Blah, Blah

Been busy with podcsting so not much blogging here lately. Have gotten a leg up in th podcasting stratosphere. Been in contact with Adam Curry several times, and am in regular contact with C.C. Chapman, heading up PodSafe Music Network. Been playing ball by the rules using indie music. fortunately there is some older stuff or new stuff by older artists that I have a little more knowledge but I'm learning the art of podcasting as I go along. For those of you who haven't heard yet http://legup.libsyn.com

Working to get podcasts going with a number of different friends and should be happening in the near future; Brian, Tim, Elton, Terry,etc. Managing to do my business as well-will wonders never cease. Might actually be able to have fun and keep my wife happy. Keep the Nobel Prize warm for Markie!


The Reigning Swordsman of Blues

In case you don’t already know-D.C. Rapier is the #1 Blues dude in Taiwan. This guy does his own web radio show, founded the Blues Society of Taiwan, and headed up the inaugural Blues Bash in Taichung with special guests including Joanna Connor. Here are some related links for that Harp Blowin’ Wang Dang Doodle!

The Blues Society on Taiwan www.bsot.org <http://www.bsot.org>  
contact the BSoT dcr.bsot@gmail.com
The Host of the Blues Power Hour.com