So the Nickel Stops

2005 comes to an end. In Chinese custom if you make it to new years it means you escaped being consumed by a big evil dragon, whew-looks like we made it. Thanks so much to all readers/listeners, my D-Voice posse, and especially to those of you that provide comments and feedback. Today's show is a hodgepodge of cool music particularly my bad boy homies from Brooklyn-Organic!; who rock my world continually with their funky music. John and Bennett you guys are the best. Keep your eyes and mouths open on what happens in southern US post hurricane reconstruction. The best of all to all of you in the new year-let's all play together and grow together!

Bacon 2.22.05 4:31 Organic!
Elvin Dub 2.22.05 6:16 Organic!

Summertime-Live at the Podcast Expo Brother Love
Joe Frazier 3:07 Burning Spear
Keep on knocking 3:02 Jacob Miller
Carlos Santana live
Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic
Tall Cool Glass Of Betty 3:51 Organic

01 Sister In Love 2:08 The Envelopes
Oregano 4:02 Ana Laan Oregano
Neville Bros Live
ZZ Top Live Blues
In the background overheard by elves: Glad 6:59 Traffic
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MindField:The Long Tail Wagging the Dog

Photo By James B
So much talk about the Longtail these days in the blog/podosphere. Concept originally espoused by Wired editor: Chris Anderson late last year. I offer some different spins on the Long Tail concept/philosophy as well as some possible applications in my own life. Play some new songs along with a few favorites previously played over this past year. Give a shout to Frank Key from Resonance FM-The Hooting Yard, thanks to Steve Eley for referring. The clock tick, tick, ticks. Closer to the New Year-new opportunities.

Veronica in ecstacy 4:21 Cardiacs
Slap & Tickle (live) 4:17 Squeeze
Never In 3:04 101
How Long 4:54 Out Hud
Chosen Child 4:21 Parchman Farm
Invisible Girl 2:18 The Patsys
Surftitute 1:50 Who+Beach Boys
Episodes (Diphenhydramine) 3:25 Pela
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God 3:43 Kaiser Chiefs
The Musical bed(unmade)The Equalizer Busy Equalizing 3:17 Stewart Copeland
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MindField: Tunes from Tucson's Trendsetters

Howdy rodeo fans-first let me get caught up on a couple of Chanukkah songs dedicated to Scripting News'-Dave Winer(love my rss) and Evil Genius Chronicles-Dave Slusher-2 cool Daves. Now we get to a musical journey to one of my favorite towns-Tucson. Spent some of the best years of my youth there and do some blabbing about the Old Pueblo, me, etc. Lot of great bands and musical culture in that town-why don't we have a listen.

The Dreydel Song 2:22 El Vez
Chanukah Rap 3:06 Craig 'n Co.
The Unbearable Pageant 3:22 Oh My God
Hereditary Handshake 3:18 Chango Malo
My niggaz down south 3:39 swing ding amigos
sank 7:11 Lonna Kelly
Welcome You Into My Head 3:19 Ryanhood
History Of Lovers 3:11 Iron & Wine / Calexico
the wishing hour 6:09 ashengrace
Sympathy 2:37 Whiskey Bitch
HarveyWallbanger 3:15 Nowhere Man
Seven (remix) 5:17 Ashengrace
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Free Culture 9/Property/Chapter 7:Recorders

Photo by Latittude 13
News Items from Creative Commons-Jonathan Coulton's Flickr piece-magic. 50 Foot Waves Free Music EP,and new program for pulishers wanting to reclaim rights previously given out.
Frree Culture /Property/Chapter 7:Recorders is read today.
Music: Jonathan Coulton: My Monkey remix
Jonathan Coulton:Furry Lobster

50 Foot Wave: Pretty Ugly
Brad Sucks: Dirtbag-Brad Goes to India remix
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A Broadcaster’s Christmas Carol

Photo by simpologist
This is a link for Hugh Brackett's podioplay production of Terry Heaton's remake of the old Dickens tale: A Christmas Carol. Some well know podcasters contributed there voices to the production. Thanks for the hard work Hugh!


Narrator - Mark Forman
Ebenezer - Evo Terra
Ghost 1 - Hugh Brackett
Woman 1, Woman 2 - Martha Holloway and J.F. Holloway (don’t know who is #1 and #2 yet)
Ghost 2 - Tee Morris
Bob Gadget - Richard White
Ship Man 1, Ship Man 2 - Paul Fischer and Hugh Brackett
Voice 1 - P.W. Fenton (P-Dub would have participated in a much more significant manner if he had any of that rumored substance known as “free time”).
Tiny New, Voices A - Mur Lafferty


MindField:Long Now/Long Bets


Finally, My Last Christmas Music Show:71

Big Heart to Match?

painting by Todd Mohr
Todd Mohr of BHTM fame is a fairly progressive-minded guy. In addition to being eclectic musically(their music incorporates, rock, folk, jazz and blues elements) Todd is also a philosopher , podcaster, and a visual artist as well. Kudos to him and the band in their endeavors to adopt the Creative Commons licensing model/etchic for their music. The best of luck to them.

Been real busy with a lot of things. Hope you are well. I've beendoing some PR preparation ... for the band's winter tour andconsequently our new business model. It's been a bit of a hairy ride but exciting. ... we would be possibly the first band of our size to adopt a free culture model. ... In the mean time, I've been trying to educate my bandmates and others on why this is an important move for Big Head Todd and the Monsters, as a definitive change in how we relate to our audience. Your audio bits were very helpful. Thanks also for expanding my contacts, I haven't reached out to anybody yet, but intend to soon.

Happy holidays

50 Foot Wave Goes CC

Speaking of kick-ass women in rock, oh... was I not speaking of such women? I am now-namely Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses and now 50 Foot Wave. Kudos to Kristin and the Wavers for going Creative Commons on new EP and putting it up for free download, purchase or donation, ala other CCers like Jonathan Coulton, Brad Sucks, Simon Steadman, etc.

Did I mention that it kicks ass as well? Ah, aging and pre-holiday business. Check out cute holiday themed video by Brendan with The Waitresses-Christmas Wrapping music track.


Aron Bass-Cyborg Warrior Poet

Photo By Aronski
Come and enjoy SongStory work of fiction, based extremely loosely on Aron Michalski of Parking in Bitterman Circle. Be sure to check out his podcast and blogging so you can better understand the basis of my inspiration. He recently celebrated 1 year of blogging-stop by and say hey. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Peace, Joy, Health and Prosperity to all!

Fish 3:42 Jahcoozi Pure Breed Morning
The Good Slot 2:49 Grand Champeen The Latest
Dearest Drew 3:27 Cruiserweight
Here Comes Your Man (Newport, RI - 8/6/2005) 3:31 The Pixies
another rock star laments (ps 88:5) 3:48 the prayers & tears of arthur digby sellers
I'm Crackin' Up 2:19 The Maharajas A Third Opinion
Christmas Wrapping 5:59 The Waitresses
Little-Drummer-Boy 5:14 Zen_Guerrilla
Aaron's Song 3:11 Drunken Monkeys
Harley Davidson 2:48 Kenzo Saeki
mexico 3:44 beat radio
In the background popping:Popcorn (Original) 2:26 Hot Butter
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Beer, Is What Ales the Stout-hearted

Photo by Khya
MindField is proud to debut with the following:Let's all go for a swim in the sudsy audio brine together! Sounds great, more filling when bundled with various podcast slurping,sipping, burping and belching buddies. A wee contest-whoever sends me a beer fact to blog comment or e-mail bbluesman at gmail dot com will receive a rare Bubble-Live version of the Johnny Thunders song-I Wanna Be Loved. What could be better-beer and Bubble?

I offer some beer facts and a lot of hopping music. Imbibers participating, C.C. Chapman, Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, Hugh Brackett, Michael Mennenga, Evo Terra, Summer Brooks, & Joe Murphy. Thanks for audio contributions to all.

Beer for Breakfast 1:37 The Replacements Who Drank the Beer 2:43 Tommy Duncan
Good Ale 2:10 Lou Killen Good Ale
Stein Song 3:17 Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees
Beer & Kisses 3:41 Amy Rigby Diary Of A Mod Housewife
Gimme a Pigfoot (And a Bottle of Beer) 2:45 Billie Holiday
Beer 8:02 Cory Morrow
La Biere 3:16 Jacques Brel
Two Six Packs Away 2:20 Dave Dudley
$4 Pabst 2:04 The Gunshy Souls
Jar of Porter 1:48 Luke Kelly & The Dubliners
Pop A Top 2:17 Jim Ed Brown
Ballantine Beer 1:00 Ballantine Beer Orchestra
Schlitz 1:01 Schlitz Singers Drinking Songs
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Plugging Surrounded by Sonic Bliss

Photo By Marco Wessell
Hey there Leg Uppers! Today played some killer tunes and did the plug everybody and there uncle thang. Hope y'all can dig it.
Alternative Teenage Music Podcast, Balticon and ADD Cast, Illudium Podcast, 10 Billion Butterflys Sneezing Blog, Whole Lot of Nonsense Podcast.

It's For You 4:50 Out Hud Let Us Never Speak Of It Again
La réalité 3:32 Amadou et Mariam Dimanche à Bamako
Bada Bing 4:35 DangerDoom The Mouse & The Mask
She knows my ways 3:50 Tessitura On the importance of being confused
Yor Song 2:41 The Minni-Thins
Rubber Bells 1:37 Jeff St Pierre and Phillip Antoniades A Rubber Band Christmas
Bonnie & Clyde 4:08 The Head Set Ask Her Twice
electric 3:14 Pete And The Pirates Ballad
Last Exit - Sweet And Fool Like a Child 4:27 Funk De Luxe
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Free Culture 8/Property/Chapter 6:Founders

Ho, Ho, Homeless:69

John Hodgman appeared to me in a dream as one of those furry lobsters. He said, Mark, Bluesman, do another essay on the hobos from my new book, Areas of My Expertise." So... Remember the homeless this Christmas season. Thought I'd get out some more unusual Christmas tunes while I was at it.
Xmas Song 4:30 American Heartbreak
Santa Claus Boogie 2:54 Hasil Adkins
Merry Crassmas 5:31 C.r.a.s.s.
I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas 2:00 Peter And The Test Tube Babies
Death Under the Christmas Tree 1:52 White Flag
Whiskey Christmas 6:13 ScottMajerus
In the background: Carol Of The Bells 2:31 California Guitar Trio
Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix) 4:06 The Cathedral Brass
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FreeCulture News:9

Today's guest is Aron Michalski, podcaster(Parking in Bitterman Circle) and bass/drum tech for the band Weezer. Today's show is a special tribute to Chris Whitley, a very gifted musical artist that has gone on ahead. We will miss you but not forget you Chris. Please visit the Chris Whitley website to leave your messages for the family or your gifts. I recite Pablo Neruda's Clenched Soul in Chris' honor.

DRM News story from Cory D.
Loco Girl 3:11 Chris Whitley Dirt Floor
Living With The Law 3:43 Chris Whitley
Narcotic Prayer 3:51 Chris Whitley
Spanish Harlem Incident 2:38 Chris Whitley
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Ergotic Escape From Veggie Tales

A fungus among us? Catcher in the Rye? I don't know but a spacey kind of SongStory from the BlueBard. Timothy Leary meets rye bread.

Seeing Life Through Flowers (Starstuff) 3:51 Serpent of Eve
Everything's Dead Pretty When it Snows 4:20 Pete Green
Caboclo 2:47 Arthur Verocai
The Stars Above 4:55 SIANspheric
(I Bet that you) look good on the dancefloor 2:52 Arctic Monkeys
Everything In It's Wrong Place 2:31 Radiohead Remix
Blown Away 8:16 Frantic Chant
We_Will_Rock_You_In_Da_Club_HI 3:05 50 Cent Queen
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Club Hoppin' in the Apple

Photo by Poagao
Yes, it's SongStory time again here at LegupLand. Use a lot of musical colors to tell it today. So hop on the audio spaceship and take your "red" pill, or is it the "blue" pill? I can never remember which is the right one. Join the party in any case.

Beautiful People 4:44 Peplab
Chris Michaels 7:53 The Fiery Furnaces
Commercial 2:45 The Holy Ghost
I Want It All 2:46 Dios Malos
Steal 2:19 Be Your Own Pet
No Room For Change 3:31 Crystal Skulls
Don't Fight It, Feel It 6:54 Primal Scream
Gotta Get Out 3:44 Goldstars
Rock N Roll Queen 2:50 The Subways
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This Head is Talking

So who does the RIAA decide to get heavy-handed with and bully now? The Flippy Floppy man in the big suit-David Byrne. These people are the biological hybrid of a tick and a jackass. This is getting interesting-now they are going after one of the artists that helped them get fat and powerful. Read more from David's own account.

My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

America Is Waiting (Quicktime video)


FreeCulture News:8

What's happening pro wrestling fans? Ready fror the man who writes song like he has 8 arms and hands? I'm talking about none other than Little Gray Books troubador-Jonathan Coulton. Does he personify the Free Culture Creative Commons creed? Just about all his songs are there for the taking, remixing, mashing. Come and find out about what makes this bittersweet tunesmith tick. Mentioned are JC's fellow Yalie and performance art partner John Hodgman of 700 Hobos and Areas of My Expertise fame, Adam Curry, Dave Slusher, etc.

Background: 700 Hobo Names 53:49 John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton
Better 3:14 Jonathan Coulton
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance 3:16 Jonathan Coulton
Skullcrusher Mountain 4:16 Jonathan Coulton
Screwed 3:54 Jonathan Coulton
Podsafe Christmas Song 2:43 Jonathan Coulton

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