Free Culture Chap. 5-Piracy


First Dose of XMas Music:65

RIAA-free CDs


A holiday gift guide for conscientious music-lovers

Parents hounding you for a holiday wish-list? Unsure what to buy for your friends?

Gift-giving has gotten harder since the Recording Industry Association of America came to town. The cartel of the biggest record labels has made a name for itself by suing families for downloading music, lobbying for massive expansions in copyright control, and including nasty DRM that limits fair use rights on their CDs. It's hard to support an industry which treats its customers like that!
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FreeCulture News:7

Photo by dailyjournal
What's up homefries-today's interview guest is Dylan and Emily's music podcasting daddy-C.C. Chapman. He and the Bluesman babble about PME, future of music, Free Culture, Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe and of course music. So come on in and see how C.C. and I cook together. I know you're all going to enjoy this one.

Musical nourishment was provided by the following great artists, if the spirit moves you please buy their Cds:
Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave Slusher and BBluesman)
C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) 4:33 Tom Vek
Technology Song 4:36 Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Hand of Mercy Hope Trueblood
stupidest thing 4:00 Shade tree
Letters To A Loved One 2:57 The Dharmas
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FreeCulture News:6

Photo by Evil Genius
The "Chocolate" portion of our interview with Evil Genius' Dave Slusher. Dave talks about many topics including the liberation of not giving a "rip" about what people think about you, to his finding out about the "Gentle Readers" . In the process he mentions Wired Jesus podcast and utilization of Creative Commons principles in doing 2 shows inspired by Dave's "Godcast". Lot of "meat" in this one folks-come on in, the water is fine.
Music includes: Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave and I)
Fourstones - superego (Larry Mix) (3:42)
Tennessee Fire 5:37 The Silos
Freedom 4:19 J Mascis And The Fog
Broken Man 4:30 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios
Red Dress 4:59 James McMurtry
Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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Words not to be taken lightly...

Recent Free Culture News' guest Dave Slusher had these magnanimous comments to offer:
"Mark Forman’s interview with me has been published. As an obligatory old media dig, I will note that very few of the print reporters I have spoken to in the last year were this engaged. In fact, Dan Conover might be the only one. My experiences with the national press is that they generally weren’t very insightful, curious, nor did they even seem to be listening very hard. Check out this interview and let me know what you think."

Words uttered by a man that doesn't suffer fools. Guess what? Part 2 of interview, the "Chocolate" part is even better. Keep your eyes pealed! Thanks, Dave!

FreeCulture News:5

Photo by EvilGenius
Today's guest is Evil Genius Chronicles host Dave Slusher. First of 2 part interview. We'll call this the Vanilla part-cover's everything from Free Beer to Free Culture. Chocolate part up in a day or 2-help you have an informed, interesting, and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to check out Dave's new AmigoFish site and take it for a spin.
News Story for today:Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions

Out of Control 6:34 Dave Alvin
Losing You 3:34 The Redlands Palomino Co.
Cottonseed 6:23 Drive-By Truckers
The Animal Speaks 4:09 The Golden Palominos
In Background:Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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FreeCulture News:4

Special Thanksgiving Interview from a very thankful Brother Love, all excited from experiences at Podcast Expo. Mention Organic-John & Bennet, Rob & Podcast NYC, C.C. Chapman, Leo Laporte and a bunch of other groovy people. Mention Brother Love Notes Podcast, etc. So hear what the man has to say. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends, enjoy everyone!

Music included : Uplift
Round & Round Brother Love
Shakin The Henhouse Organic
Lost Weekend Brother Love
Summertime Brother Love
People Everywhere Brother Love

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I'm a Sucker for Flame!

This is one of my favorite bands, Orange County's hardworking: SparkleJetsUK. Great pic, great vibe, great band!

Oh yeah, the Open Source Issue...

Thanks Ken for Banners!
Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions
And there’s a new wrinkle: Software writers discovered “at least five functions” in the copy protection software on Sony BMG CDs that are identical to code from an open source project. Here’s the thing about open source projects: the lesser general public license does not allow open source in larger, copyrighted applications. From a post at BetaDot: “While the violation was probably not a fault of Sony’s, rather a lazy employee who decided to just copy and paste the code which someone else had already written, rather than write it himself, the violation is still quite clear and needs to be dealt with.”

Mr. Ed was smarter than these "maroons."

Thanks Coolfer


Damn, I'm ready to Rock!

Photo by jerami May 19th, OC, CA
***Some songs not worksafe-use discretion if playing on speakers***
No news-just rock culture. Minimal talking maximum volume. Mention "Putting the Me in Media" check out Hugh's site.

Alright 2:56 Camarosmith Camarosmith
Convolutions 3:35 Jan Martens Frustration
Easy Tune 3:29 the Sorayas Hours To Days
Having Fun 3:36 The Giraffes The Giraffes
I'm Getting Away 2:34 Fu Manchu Start The Machine
Limb From Limb 4:57 Motorhead Overkill
Little Sister 2:54 Queens Of The Stoneage lullabies to paralyze
Maria Bartiromo 3:58 Joey Ramone
No More Reasons 3:32 SEXSLAVES
Nothing But Crazy 2:30 The Dials Flex Time
Scummy 3:22 Arctic monkeys Beneath the boardwalk
space_lord_remix 5:25 Monster Magnet
In the background:50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) 5:52 Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun
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FreeCulture News:3

Hi friends-today we have Simon Steadman of the English band Steadman. The band of "look I've got all these wonderful songs, and am placing them on the internet for free download fame!" 150 song to be exact. Most of it professionally recorded stuff.

News item for today:Sony Should fix what they broke-EFF

We also feature the following Steadman songs while we get to know the man behind the band with the interesting plan:
Good To Go 3:55 Steadman Revive
Shake Up 4:40 The Dharmas
Cut Me Loose 3:41 Steadman Loser Friendly
Wave Goodbye 4:02 Steadman Revive

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Run , Don't Walk for Rock n Roll TV Net

I can't tell you how tickled I was when I found out a couple of kick ass rockin musician friends are raising the bar on their creativity. They're now producing Rock n Roll TV.Net which is like a "punk" VLOG version of MTV except much cooler, playing only "core" indie bands with host Share Ross giving Amanda Congdon a run for the money, when she reports the news. Share and husband Bam, 2/3 of the hard rockin' trash/glam rock Bubble are as adept with video production as they are with guitar and drums. Their Rock n Roll "street credibility" is totally sound with stints in The Wildhearts, Dogs D'Amour, Vixen and now Bubble. The Bluesman says, "Be there or be square!"

Stay tuned for updates on Share and Bam guesting on FreeCulture News !
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FreeCulture News:2


Trains, Planes and Cars:63

Photo by Poagao
Well, it's getting closer to my favorite time of year. We all have so many things to be thankful for. Great time to reflect on that and prepare. Don't need to be American or eat turkey to do this either-this is a "human" thing. Not a "flag waving" thing. So if you want to join in, please do so. Mention crazy buddies Evo and Brad, as well as those fun-loving LibSyn guys. Steadman interview on FreeCulture News will be up soon as will Thanksgiving BroLo interview Show. The Bluesman is thankful that you listen to him, and think good thoughts about him,

In todays SongStory© we take trains,planes and cars to get us where we want to go.
Lovely Brazilian swinging background music: Lamento Negro 3:58 Dom Um Romao
The Train 3:02 Tahiti 80
Soul train 2:24 link wray
Train is Leaving 5:14 Entrance
Airplanes 4:46 Troubled Hubble
Planes Above Us 2:55 The Milwaukees
Fast Cars 4:37 Aesop Rock
Cars_Pass(Recordist_Remix) 3:07 The Faint
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Flattery will get me everywhere

Big Props to my fellow co-conspirator in DVoices, Brad P("P" has got to be for hockey puck), and podcasting buddy "Evil Terrapin" often coming way out of his shell as "Podcasting for Dummies" co-author: Evo Terra. Here is a link to some truly "liquid" (or is that "liquored") audio. "Live from Podcast Expo. These 2 managed to say some nice things about me before they passed out in a Porta-Potty. Don't ask me folks, I just read the news.

Stop Our Naive Yearning for lame product

The major labels real problem is ineptness
My people with Downhill Battle-Music Activism say it "like it is", when it comes to greed-head music labels that tell us bold face lies, on behalf of the "artists" they are trying to protect. Artists are just "product" to them to be "hawked" while it can, for as much as it can, while we "suckers" pay exorbitant amounts of money for inferior product, with precious little of that going to the musicians. Sony/BMG we like to be "kissed" before we get screwed. Your profits are falling so you think the way to compensate for that is to try to screw us to the floor, spy on our playing/ripping/burning habits by sneaking little "digital bombs" in to our property, and "kamikaze" blowing up on us, when we try to "exorcise your little electronic demons."

Well enough is enough, you were cool when you came out with the "Walkman" back in the days of founder and visionary Akio Morita. Now you guys are just a bunch of bums and has-beens with Samsung whipping your ass; technological bully's climbing up the trash heap of imminent extinction.

Hey Sony, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!


Free Culture Chap. 4-Piracy

Photo by Poagao
What do you say, what do you say-lot's going on today. In addition to Chap 4 from Free Culture, we have new remix inspired by Fox New's Bill O'Reilly's outspoken remarks about San Francisco. Here is mp3. It is a remix of Public Enemy's No Means No from the The Wired CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.

News items today- 4 from Boing Boing reporting on continued Sony killing it's credibility with it's customers:
Sony will stop shipping infectious CDs -- too little, too late

Bill O'Reilly would like terrorists to blow up San Francisco's Coit Tower

Sony's *other* malicious audio CD trojan

New Sony lockware prevents selling or loaning of games
I raise the question,"Wouldn't it be reasonable for Sony to fix or replace any computers that have been violated by it's rootkit/malware, and perhaps EFF or Lawrence Lessig want to file
class action lawsuit against them?

Of course, we have some Creative Commons music as well:
WeaponsOfMassDeception 3:21 The Bots
Sun City Solo 10:37 Orb Gettarr
Looking Up In Heaven 3:12 Paul Westerberg
Revenge! 2:28 Spoon

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Geek Joy in Living Color

Photo by TartanPodcast
Now, let' s be honest-would you really buy an Evil Genius Chronicles stuff package from a guy in a "sports jacket?" Please do so, Dave Slusher pictured here is graciously donating the bulk of price($25 of the $35 cost) to Pakistani earthquake relief through end of Nov. You get a kick ass CD from the Gentle Readers, an EGC t-shirt, and maybe even a hand written note on George Carlin joke memo pad.


Speak It, Talk It, Say It:62

Photo by Poagao
Talk about maintaining conversation and contact with each other. Try to keep some uplifting content going in the mix. Living vicariously through some friends(Dave,CC,BroLo, LibSyn guys) at Podcast Expo without leaving my seat or my body. Remembered to give props to Organic for the fantastic intro/outro music!

Background Music:She Don't Dub 5:49 Andreas Tilliander
Who's To Say 4:27 Blanche With Jack White
Girl Don't Tell Me 2:51 sparkle*jets u.k.
Can't Say It 3:35 The Vitamen
Tell Me Ten Words 3:46 Idlewild
So Says I 2:48 The Shins
Talk About The Radio 3:49 The Sugarplastic
The Bug Speaks 3:14 The Song Corporation
I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes 3:45 Tom Vek

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Dude, no way-Caramel Rhumba for sure.

Some of the heavy hitters from the "podosphere" letting their collective minds meet. Rumor has it that there are 12 doubles roaming the convention in addition to the real C.C. Chapman(in burgundy shirt). Cheers to Mark Hunter of TartanPodcast for the photo.


Live and Uplift:61

Photo by David Gallagher

Today's theme is life. Making the most of it. Living an "Uplift" lifestyle. Takes same amount of energy to be positive as it does to be negative. Partially inspired by recent podcaster zeigeist; Dave Slusher, Ted Reicken and others. Thanks for playing, Dave. Here's Dc3000(Uplift Remix)song mp3 link
Poem-Sarah Teasdale:I Would Live in Your Love
Background music: Highlife 4:14 Sonny Sharrock Band
What I will remember most about Sonny Sharrock even before the music will be the laughter... the sense of humor The fun We laughed a lot We laughed at the conditions that we had to tolerate to continue doing creative music We laughed at the reaction the response to that music from the journalists, the audience, even the musicians In fact we laughed the hardest at the musicians ... Peace Sonny You gave a lot... more than they'll ever know

Bill Laswell

Is this the life 5:36 Cardiacs
Start a Life 6:07 The Posies
Value Of Life 2:38 Cosmic Rough Riders
Thats Life 3:05 Bleu Headroom
Life Turned Her That Way 2:38 James Carr
Lifelong Shiner 4:46 The Dharmas
The Straight Life 3:34 Mudhoney
If Life Is Like A Lovebank I Want An Overdraft 3:51 The Wildhearts
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Sony-total baloney!

DRM this, Sony!
Totally cool on the money article by C.Net.Com's Molly Wood, blasted Sony for being the venal horses asses that they are for defrauding their consumers by planting rootkits in certain Sony Cds. Hero of the Day-Molly Wood

Cool TechGeeks
The Eyebeam OpenLab is a home for artists, engineers and hackers pioneering open source creativity. The first initiative of its kind, the lab is focused entirely on incubating experimental technologies and media that directly enrich the public domain. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation and others, Eyebeam has awarded fellowships to a talented, interdisciplinary group of OpenLab fellows who work in a new facility equipped with a laser cutter, 3D printer, workstations, web servers, and electronics workbenches. These fellows are already generating ideas and building new projects, extending the innovative work of Eyebeam R&D. SuperBlogger Jason Kottke is a fellow there.



Photo by Gruntzooki
Today's FreeCultureNews welcomes guest author & podcaster: Evo Terra. I spoke with Evo about DragonPage Podcast, new book: Podcasting For Dummies, and participation in Creative Commons, Free Culture. Mentioned Uplift Song(Music by Thievery Corporation, Words By Dave Slusher & Mark Forman). Inspiration for song came from recent podcasts of Evil Genius Chronicles.

News topics mentioned
Cory Doctorow posts Super Broadcast Flag/Video move by hollywood
Xeni Jardin posts on company getting Yahoo to rat out employee who slagged them
Cory on SONY DRM rootkit
My Morning Jacket CD crippled/label provides breaking code
Google goes CC-CC search
WeaponsOfMassDeception 3:21 The Bots
Uplift 4:26 Thievery Corp/Dave& Mark
Better 3:14 Jonathan Coulton
Understood By Your Dad (demo) 2:29 Brad Sucks
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Revelation-The Chinese I spoke at Evo's request translated was, "Evo Terra, you're my hero, you're the greatest, what a handsome guy you are." The reason I'm revealing this is hopefully he'll send me a generous financial renumeration for "slightly" enhancing the truth!LOL.
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Hobo 700 Club: 60

Photo by Nick Douglas

Yes friends it's true, only from the mind's of John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton and yours truly can you find the required zaniness to produce this work. John Hodgman has graciously provide his Hobo essays from his fascinating non-fiction book: Areas of My Expertise

Background music for Podcast is 700 hobos with John Hodgman doing "700 Hobo rollcall" and JC strumming away behind him. Over this surreal background I read "Hobo Matters" essay, carefully choosing music that ties in with "key word" of essay.
Wildfire 2:45 The Coral
Tears of God 4:50 Los Lobos
Bluest Glass Eye Sea 3:22 Oranger
Foreign Accents 3:50 Robert Wyatt
Flying Fool Circus 2:26 Fairburn Royals
Earth 5:51 Dweezil Zappa Confessions
The Liquor Song 4:35 Five Eight
Hoboing Into Hollywood 3:35 J.W. Warren
No More Buffalo 7:19 James McMurtry
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Interview with Author Evo Terra

Keep them eyes peeled, probably better to keep them ears open, since we're going to have audio interview with newly published co-author of "Podcasting For Dummies"-Evo Terra. Evo wears many hats- herbalist, Oklahoman expat, co-host of DragonPage/Wingin' It/Slice-of-Sci-Fi/Cover To Cover(ouch my fingers are hurting from typing ),etc.

We are honored at Free Culture News to have him as our first guest. Find out how Evo is contributing to the cultural commons, and inspiring others to do the same!

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Brother Love "Pushin" at Portable Media Expo

Say it is so BroLo! He's appearing at Portable Media Expo with his main dawg Rob(cohost of new monthly podcast with BL, from Podcast NYC-my home sweet home! The BroLo man tells me there might be some audible goodies happening in the way of a performance for his podcaster pals. Rock on Brother L.


Micro, micro, microphone checker

Yo-big kudos to my nutty VoxMonitor, buds! Eric & Cohry you rock. If you don't know they are the definitive review site for podcasting-so if you want to find some really interesting podcasts check out their picks. Be sure to listen to show where they guest on Bazooka Joe's Small World Podcast-where they give me a nice shout out! These guys are multi-tasking-they also have their music going-Pop Goes Lethal, Komputadora, Matteo Kates, and Mr. Strauss. Tell 'em that the Bluesman and Jerome sent you.

Halloween's Not My Thing:59