Oslo and Glasgow via Austin

Photo by Dav
Travel Advisory-we traverse the globe on this one. Great mix of music from Norway, Scotland, Senegal, Cuba, US, and all points in between, The ladies finish up for us today. All the fine songs from SXSW showcased bands. Included are promos for Escape Pod-otherworldly SciFi/ fantasy podcast, With Class- 2 of the hippest teachers reaching out to kids and parents with constructive and fun learning tools. Featuring interviews with youth oriented authors, Alternative Teenage Music Podcast with Anya NJ's most together young chick playing the latest and best of Podsafe music.
Please buy music directly from bands whenever possible.

Catch Electrique 3:26 WE
El Camionero 3:05 Very Be Careful
SOLOLA BIEN 7:01 Wenge Musica
Ghetto Ways 4:41 Scissors for Lefty
Yes 3:28 The Divorce
Above the Map 4:09 Zykos
Animals Can Reason 6:52 The.Story.Of
The Only Love 5:38 The Silos
Palm of My Hand 3:20 Susan Cowsill
Daniel Lee 3:13 Sarah Borges
El Dorado 3:40 Robyn Ludwick
Mean Streak 3:01 Death Vessel
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree 2:52 KT Tunstall
Laying on the bed: Abbesses 6:27 Birdy Nam Nam
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Podcasting=Phenomenal Opportunity to Promote Music

Photo by CC Chapman
Now, you know the Bluesman is totally down with that! Provided by one of my main boys during his Podcast Hotel in Seattle epiphany. Keep 'em coming CC.

Uplifter.org Activity

Photo by !Habit Forming
Hey posse (no Tonto jokes Ken). Here's a mini-cast on Uplifter.org recent developments. If the spirit moves you, please get involved. The rest is in the mp3, thanks. Carolina Chapter and the Minnesota Chapter are both having meetings on 3/25/06. Please try to attend or steer some friends that are interested in getting their "Web" feet wet(learn to blog/vlog/podcast).

Some Uplifter.org members Dave Slusher, Ken Nelson, James Slusher, Garrick Van Buren, Eddie Dickey, P.J. Cabrera, Jer.

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Radio Dreams Come in Waves

Photo by Geweistske Indri
Today's SongStory features music from SXSW Showcase artist series is about Michael Aremengay radio-geek and gear head who got his girl. It's worth a listen. Included are promos for: I Should Be Writing, Alcoholic Podcasters Association, and Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

Help out by buying music directly from these artists
Radio 3:33 American Eyes
Rainbow Cattle Company 2:36 Awesome Cool Dudes
This Town's Disaster 3:37 Blackpool Lights
ESCAPE THE WORLD 3:17 Boy Hits Car
Take A Ride 3:54 Vallejo
If You Can't Say Love 3:53 Visionaries (LMNO, Writer's Block)
Hardcore Romantics 3:44 Mark Mallman
Nobody Calls Me Unless They Want Something 5:47 Shout Out Out Out Out
Exit Strategy 2:49 SSM
Saturday Night 1:35 The Winks
Twilight 3:51 Jon Dee Graham
Don't Go 4:34 Monsters Are Waiting
Set Free The Radio 4:30 The Latebirds
Bed to music by:Surfin 4:52 William Orbit
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Mas SXSW:2

Second in series of shows featuring Showcase bands from Austin, Tejas renowned indie music festival. Talk a little about history of SXSW and why it's located in Austin.
Promos: Whole Lot of Nonsense social activism through levitating logos podcast, and for AmigoFish Media Filter for information overload geeks. Thanks to Organic for intro/outro music-they are always #1 in my heart.
Please buy the music directly from the artists
Blood on the Moon 3:23 Antler
flesh engine breakdown 4:37 Beyond The Embrace
Tell Me What You Want 2:23 The Black Hollies
Take My Money And Run 2:55 Cuff the Duke
Bob Fosse 3:43 Black Lipstick
Power Of Doubt 3:17 Boss Martians
Shoot Frank 4:22 Cage
BEAUTIFUL WEAPON 2:58 Curt Kirkwood
i saved an airplane 5:50 Cat Scientist
Life After Love 4:24 Colored Shadows
Clockwork 3:01 Crosstide
Good Times 3:31 Dan Israel
like an ion 3:45 Sciflyer
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SXSW Showcase Artists:1

It's true music and film fans-SXSW is coming up soon. We will be doing a series of shows featuring music of bands appearing at the event. Hope to get some Austin friends in the audio mix so stay tuned. Will ofer some background on the event and Austin.
Please by music from artists directly if possible
Holiday 4:34 1986
Changes 3:14 A Cursive Memory
Another Seven Years 3:59 Aberdeen City Drive Away Slow 4:30 Abi Tapia
Voodoo Economics 3:50 Ad Astra Per Aspera
Buildings 3:42 Adult Rodeo
Roadrunner 2:19 Amplified Heat
One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young 3:27 The Ark
Breakking Glass 4:28 Baboon
Just Another Girl 3:18 The Bad Rackets
Goin For Broke 4:32 Barely Broke Family
Bells 3:31 The Bats
Video Kid 4:34 The Birthday Massacre
The Twangbed:Bulldoggin' Boogie 2:43 Big Guitars From Texas
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Mindfield: Animals and Music

Photo by Rentahamster
I try to give a little insight into the Chinese Zodiac System of Animals(12 year cycle) with some related cultural trivia. The songs I play represent each of the animals(or do they?)
Please by music from artists whenever possible
Rats 3:10 Tiger Bear Wolf
Good for Cows 3:06 Le Tigre
A Song About Tigers Revisited 3:01 All of my Brother's Girlfriends
Rabbit Furcoat 4:34 Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Riding The Grape Dragon 3:44 These Arms Are Snakes
Crawlin' Kingsnake 3:22 John Lee Hooker
Mine's Not A High Horse 3:20 The Shins
Black Sheep Boy 1:18 Okkervil River
Surfin' Monkeys 2:43 sparkle*jets u.k.
Chicken Payback (Madlib's Soul Distortion Vocal Remix) 3:27 The Bees
Sick As A Dog 3:14 Brad Sucks
Pigsville 4:06 Waco Brothers
The Musical Bed of straw: Animal Behavior 7:08 Praxis
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Tales of Traverse Onion

That's right folks-we have a SongStory today about the Oklahoma outlaw-none other than Traverse Onion. Lot's of good tuneage to support our story so don't miss out. Traverse kind of resembles a certain person... ah, if you know, you know.
Please support artists by buying their music .
Boy (Go) 5:30 The Golden Palominos
Onions 2:58 Heartless Bastards
Man Boy 3:41 Mariana Trench
Cowboy Song 4:35 John Wilkes Booze
Eternal Cowboy 2:09 Against Me
Bright 3:48 Motherboard
Not A Crime 4:31 Gogol Bordello
Same Sad Song 3:03 Von Iva
Ladies Do Love Me 3:34 dj BC and The Beastles
Gravel Queen 3:56 The Arts And Sciences
Albuquerque (featuring Action Biker) 3:41 Differnet
Arizona 4:32 Shank Bone Mystic
where have all the rude boys gone 5:02 Ted Leo/the Pharmacists
Bed of Nails: The Science Of Vectors (Adult 5:36 Brian And Chris
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Almost forgot

While stateside I appeared on what many felt was the funniest/zaniest program of Wingin It. the DragonPage Podcast's most free wheelin program. It was a blast to hang out with those fun-loving kooks including regulars: Mike, Evo & Joe with guests TD0013 and Mrs. TD0013, Jack and Alex-here's the link. Give it a listen if you haven't already.


"D" for Delightful Delerium

Photo by Bingo Little
Yes, "D" is the next page of the dictionary which sends me into delerious delight in my undaunted diction. The truth is I'm happy to be back and continuing my "normal" life (yes I have a warped sense of humor). That being said- I send out a shout to a recuperating Brad P.(Whole Lot of Nonense) and Anya P. of ATM, my fellow crazies-Michael R. and Evo of DragonPage, and another music crazy and wry wit-Aron Michalski of Parking in Bitterman Circle. Hope you all "dig" it down in your daily doings.

When Your Hand Reached For Mine 2:49 Danny Pound
Expatriate 3:50 Dead Language
Maggie Doesn't Blink 2:44 The Deathray Davies
Is That A Fact 2:51 Deep Lust
Wrong Time Capsule 2:52 Deerhoof
Long Time Coming 4:00 The Delays
Screamin' Eagle 3:36 Desert Sessions
All this and Puppet Stew 2:56 Dickies
Stop 3:47 The Dirty Things
Let's Not Belong Together 3:38 Dock Boy
My Guilty Conscience 1:57 Dorotea
Last Night, when I was Jimmy White 2:12 don Agbai
Musical water bed: 2d life 4:39 DiE
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Deplaned and ready for Valentines

Thanks to Pbeaulieau for photo
Howdy Leguppers-just returned from US trip and 20 hours of combined travel. I really want to get new podcast together but I need to first get caught up with my wife Anne and son Kevin. It's Valentine's Day so happy V-Day to you and your significant other. Will be p-Casting to you in shifted-time ASAP so keep your earballs ready.


Viva Las Vegas

Hey gang-this is your friendly Lonesome Fugitive BB reporting from the town that never lets Elvis' jacket leave the building-Las Vegas. I'm at a trade show which is interesting. Fortunately, they have free internet acess here which is speedy compared to the $.30 minute slow connection at the hotel. Will be home and resuming my podcasting schedule next week. Hope you've all been fine.


FreeCulture News-#14

Today's show is an interview with Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra of DragonPage podcasts : Slice of SciFi, Cover to Cover, Wingin It and PodioBooks. This was recorded in real time at the DracoVista Studios and professionally engineered by Mr. Michael R. himself. We discuss Michael's books, the Dragon Page podcasts, and new Farpoint Media business that Michael and Evo have begun. News piece from Cory D. at BoingBoing songs are from Brad Sucks and Jonathan Coulton. Please subscribe via feeds at right or download here.