DAO Fellow Travelers-DAO12R

Hey quit deadheading, grab some more whuffie and download revised Prologue and Chapter 1 all available as DAO12R .mp3 file. After this we are 100% animatronically correct down to the curly hairs on Walt Disney's.... well, need we exaggerate. So after this we will continue with DAO in correct sequence picking up next week with DAO4-Chapter 3.

Intro: Shakin the Henhouse Organic
Theme: Stare at the Floor Sans Trauma
Intermssion between Prologue and Chap. 1:
Patience 5:05 Cosmic Rough Riders
Stripped Me Naked 4:57 John Lee Hooker
Close of Show:
newvibes11 4:28 Dread Daze
Background music:
forward and back 10:28 vae
nips 3:07 esem Electronic
tell me colours 3:58 morning papers vs. lizardking
07/10/99 3:45 lackluster

Download Show here

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