Torn Asunder: PCast #23

When The Song Begins
Poem by Mark Forman

One of those days where had you known better you would have stayed in bed... phooey on that. No ostriches on this bus. Tiring as it may be, fires need to be put out, problems need to be solved, and most importantly-baby always needs new shoes.

Playing a new song from one of my favorite artists all time, with him singing no less-that's a good move in the right direction. The Eno man himself, of Roxy Music, David Bowie, Talking Heads and U2 fame.

Another new song by an old favorite-Westy crooning away while strumming the acoustic guit box non-placematted, but crooning never the less.

A new band and song from Pela

Just what the doctor ordered some friendly, familiar Tucson music-Rich Hopkins.

Oooh, a classic from the best band that never existed-The Golden Palominos-where oh where is Anton Fier. Another case of them that burn brightest burning fastest?
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Wow prepping for show and listening to the music I feel I'm in the mountains above the clouds!

You asked for it-more Chinese music in cast. I'm using some classic Chinese music as background. How do you like it?
I Am
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

I am the blur you see
From the corner of your eye
Crackling sound
in the Distance

I am the click you hear
When the trigger is pulled
Tree falling
No one around

I am the freshness you taste
Before the storm hits
Heat flashing
Head pounding

I am the fear your feel
Closet door is unclosed
Screaming echoes
Deep black well

I am the blood you touch
On wrinkled negligee
Vision of drowning
Mouth like cotton

I am that animal you sense
Off in the bushes
Reddening eyes
Beholden to instinct

Notes from a horn
Infrared rays
The hole in the sky
I am.


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