From Mardis Gras to Knishes:52


Hanging with the Lama:51

Hey there sports fans: Thanks to John and Benett over at OrganicNYC for the fine theme music. Thanks to Jonas Rullo for props and recommending great Austin Riffs podcast. Hey to Aronski in Curitiba,Brazil. Podcaster's Hockey League-contact Brad P. Hurricane Rita bringing more grief to NOLA, hope it abates. My respects and best wishes to the family of great LA musician- Clarence"Gatemouth" Brown, who will be missed but not forgotten.
Here's the songs the story weaves through.
Montreal 3:23 Salim Nourallah
Dalai Lama 5:14 Alex Chilton

N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always) 7:43 Tony Allen
The Destroyer 2:54 The Atomic Bitchwax
Torture 1:57 turtle
Chickenpox 3:33 I'm From Barcelona
Louisiana Zydeco 3:21 Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Rockin' Chair 4:09 John Lee Hooker
Background music:
Voodoo Pimp Stroll 6:01 Vernon Reid And Masque
Sidewinder 2:34 Vernon Reid And Masque

A Liar's Shade of Blue 4:08 Vernon Reid
Freshwater Coconut 5:30 Vernon Reid

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Three James Patrick Kelly audio stories free and CC-licensed

Hugo and Nebula-award winning sf writer James Patrick Kelly is a brilliant writer, a fantastic teacher (being his student at the Clarion Writers' Workshop went a long way to turning me into a real writer) and a genuine mensch.

Cory Doctorow

DAO7: Chapter 6


Future of Music-Book,Blog, and Podcast

Aron Michalski recommended an excellent book on the future of the music industry, "Future of Music." The authors are music industry veterans, one of whom invented MIDI. They also have an excellent blog, and are offering a podcast of the book. folks, it doesn't get any beeter than this. Please take some time to learn more about their ideas on the imminent future of the music biz, paerticularly if you are an artist or music lover.

Getting A Leg Up Listed in ITunes!

We are now in ITunes Music Store Directory after waiting for what seemed like a lifetime. If you haven't already subscribed to show, and are an ITunes user, please just click on the ITunes subscription chiclet and it will automatically open up your ITunes and begin downloading shows-just that simple.


Alistair Bishop-Hotrod Cadets Interview

Tartan Podcast has provided this link for interview(.wmv file) with Hotrod Cadets leader and song-writer, Alistair Bishop. In case you don't know, the Cadets are one of the best Glasgow, Scotland bands on the scene today. Alsistair is very podcasting/podcaster friendly and really has a good grasp of the role of podcasting. He is very articulate and passionate about his music. He is not a full-time performer yet. He works a day job to support his wife and 2 children, but that in no way diminishes the professional sound of the Cadets music. Please make sure to stop by the Tartan Podcast and Hotrod Cadet sites and tell them the Bluesman sent you.


50 Ways to Get A Bakers Dozen:50b

Krispy Kreme wishes they had this kind of selection:13 podsafe songs culled from first 49 GLU shows-these are some of my favorites. I hate making lists because you always leave out great stuff, but that gives me a reason to do more shows I guess. If you dig the tunes-please buy the CDs these artists are really talented and hard working! Please also tell them you heard their music on this show. Why all the talking on the blog today, you might wonder-because I played mostly music and kept my mouth shut during show, so....
Freakin' Out 3:41 Graham Coxon
Pilot In My Head 4:17 Iron Hero
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
One Drop 4:28 Dread Daze
Meet Me in the Middle 4:49 Stingray courtesy of Podsafe Music Net
stare at the floor 4:20 sans trauma
thinking_out_loud 3:30 mayflies_usa_
Happy Man 5:42 Chok Rock
Iron Galaxy 5:56 Cannibal Ox
Tennessee Fire 5:37 The Silos
Summertime 3:07 Brother Love
Convolutions 3:35 Jan Martens Frustration
Background music
Rusted Sorrow Of The Old Crane 6:56 Randy Greif
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New Orleans Indian Tribes

The recent disater has caused me to reflect more and more on the wonderful culturally diverse and fascinating NOLA area. One of the things I've always wondered about is the Mardis Gras Indians-here is a link that will explain that culture to you.


50 Ways to Disembody Your Voice:50a

Brother Love sounds the alarm! So finally after eons of podcasting(early May '05 until now) sifting through the Adam Currys and the CC Chapmans we get the DVoice Sonic Batallion)aka Disembodied Voices Podcast Group. Comprised of Nick-No Idle Frets, Brad-Whole Lot of Nonsense, Aron-Parking in Bitterman Circle, John-Italian Born Chinese, Mike-Coffee House to Go and me-Getting A Leg Up. Ladies we need you! Help civilize us and at least show us what clothing to wear so we can look our best on our podcasts!

Simultaneous celebration of life, music, friendship and podcasting! Each of the crew is featured talking a little bit about their thing. These are the songs I feel represent us the best:
Elvis At The Hop 4:36 Scott Henderson & Gary Willis
Kazete 4:27 Obed Ngobeni
Aganju 4:44 Bebel Gilberto
Under The Weather 5:46 3 Man
Collectible Mugs 4:04 Rachel Jacobs
Push 2:54 Brother Love
Special show is a little long so please be patient-about 70 mins.
Download Todays Special Show
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Doing A Bang Up Job

I mentioned previously that I have a blogging buddy from NOLA that was incommunicado until last week. He posted on his blog: Bang Up Job (a fine mp3 music blog site that I've benefited tremendously from) last weekend letting everyone know he and his family were ok, minus electricity.

Then I didn't hear from him again until today-electricity is back on(still no internet service) and some small holes in his roof with a lot of debris around the house(for slide show). He is very fortunate-his family is ok and house sustained minor damage-basically got away with a mild disruption to his life. This I'm ecstatic about-but how about all the others who didn't fair as well or are much worse? For them please respond to the Red Cross banner on this site and do what you can.

Also, please drop by Bang Up Job and say hi- let Doolittle Good know you care and you're happy he's alive.


Can it be? 50?

The elusive #50 podcast looms on the horizon,hmm. Wander what it will be like? Gee, in podcasting doing 50 shows makes you an Adam or a Curry even, or a veritable P..f.ther! Silliness and puffery aside, we'll have a 50a show up soon-you'll get to meet and know the Disembodied Voices crew a little better. Find out a little more about what makes us tick in this digital age.


DAO6: Chapter 5


SS4-Taichung Jade Market Soundseeing Cast

Soundseeing cast from Taichung, Taiwan's historic Jade Market includes some traditional Chinese music selections. Accompanied by my son Kevin Forman.

Download show here


DAO5: Chapter 4

Katrina flood victims in mind and help out if you can! Please note-this chapter has a little bit of strong language, so if you don't approve or play out loud around young children or in workplace-you have been duly advised! Photo taken by DAO author Cory Doctorow.
Intro- Organic Shakin The Henhouse
Beginning-Sans Trauma Stare At The Floor
Intermission: Chinese Handcuffs 2:44 The New Year
Ending: Sunlight 5:56 Matthew Sweet
Show background: Consciousness 12:42 Windy And Carl
Balance (Trembling) 8:40 Windy And Carl

Silvermandala 1 9:44 The Silverman
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South's Gonna Rise Again!:#49.2

Young In New Orleans by Charles Bukowski
Talking about RL Burnside, Bang up Job-LeRay's ok, the people of NOLA and LA and Miss have grit and are going to overcome. We celebrate our southern friends spirit and cultural accomplishments by playing the following music:
Georgia Women 3:48 R. L. Burnside
Goin Down South 5:44 R. L. Burnside
Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down 3:40 R. L. Burnside

Diggy Diggy Lo 2:05 Clifton Chenier
Nonc Adam 2:05 Beau Jacque
Going to the Zydeco 2:42 Boozo Chavis
Zydeco Boogie Woogie 4:18 Beau Jacque

Mardis Gras 2:42 the meters
Sissy Strut 3:08 the meters
Rubber Band 2:46 the meters



New Orleans, LA, (August 3, 2005)—After more that 25 years of separation, Art Neville, Zigaboo Modeliste, George Porter Jr., and Leo Nocentelli are returning to festival, concert and club stages as the supergroup that put New Orleans funk on the map and that continues to exert an unparalleled influence on American roots and popular music: The Meters.

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Katrina & Tailim Bad Cousins: 49