In Case You Haven't Heard

My boy Big Dawg from Baltimore (pronounced “Balmer” kind of like famous Baltimore Oriole pitcher Jim Palmer), lent me the “Garden State” DVD. What a great movie-especially considering it was lead actor and director Zach Braff’s first crack. Extremely poignant and funny without being syrupy. A very nice modern love comedy, with believable acting.

TrouserPress- former fanzine rag, now an online encyclopedic resource for British bands, indie/alternative. http://www.trouserpress.com

The mother of all TV Blogs-Jump The Shark. If you just have to know what someone else thinks about a certain episode of 6 Feet Under... http://www.jumptheshark.com

For those of you who can’t get enough news. http://www.headupyourassheadlines.com/


Business off the Web

I had long ago given up on getting viable contacts from people doing web searches and coming across my site. I’ve had numerous requests for people that want to buy one of my products, when I’m trying to sell whole containers full, or people from 3rd world countries wanting to find out more from my business, and asking for samples with me paying the freight...

Anyhow, it’s been several years since I’ve gotten a new customer off of an internet search-but low and behold the other day I got a phone call and e-mail from a fellow back in the States that wants to do a new product line. I had thought the web was way overcrowded with websites so search engines couldn’t be expected to bring up my site. It’s actually getting easier to do business over the net with tools like skype. E-mail already seems archaic.

My faith in search engines has been restored-now if only I could get this podcast to work...

Knock Me Out with a Feather, Why Don't You

I would never do anything illegal or encourage anyone else to-so I’ll tell you how happy and excited I am to have purchased online (as the euphemism goes) 4 Elvis Costello Albums and one Weezer, albeit a bit torrent out there-wink, wink. This is so much better than the other PTP systems speedwise and quality-wise as well. Go Bittorrent go. If I ever see a racehorse with that name... Good thing I don’t gamble.

Follow up on earlier rant-there don’t seem to be many mp3 players out there that are Mac compatible other than Apple’s IPod. I actually found a French made one called “Archos”. Let’s be serious, would any body buy anything French that wasn’t a kind of cheese, or from a wine bottle? Oops, I think I was just politically incorrect again. Now that I think about it, I have French blood in me as well. Proverb for today: “It is far better to have French blood in you, than on you!”

Some Props To

Let’s give some props to the BitTorrent guys-what a great system for downloading at enhanced speeds. I know there’s a lot of different software but I’m using: by Andrew Loewenstern <andrew@gigagig.org> http://www.bittorrent.com
Also props to the Kazaa/Skype people making international telecommunications affordable! http://www.skype.com

Death to Techno Fascist Devils!

Well as some of you may know I've been endeavouring to get my podcast produced and uploaded and have come a cross a bevy of obstacles-sound editing/production issues, content, voice issues, and finding out that once all that's done you need to have a place to host the stupid thing. Well I've and learn I guess. Also, the digital powers that be have provided a lot of tools for windows platform with a paltry amount for us Mac users-typical gerrymandering, discrimination.

Suffice it to say I've been getting more and more equipped and informed with each struggle. Some good links are: http://www.musicpodcasting.org/ and https://www.libsyn.com/index.php?&mode=logout&message=

Well I'll get a leg up on it yet!