Our Turn Again

My heart goes out to the folks in the Gulf/Mississippi Area. It looks like our turn again with major typhoon!


DAO4: Chapter 3


Sepia Sky at Twilight: No.48



I can't tell you how nice it feels when you sift through all the junk e-mails and find something like this in your inbox. I t was raining hard outside while I read this, but the sun was shining bigtime inside. Thanks so much Evo for taking the time to write this.
PS-Evo and his partner Michael have one rip-roaringly funny and witty podcast. I should know, I'm not an easy laugh!

Hi Mark,

No idea how I found your show. Someone must have told me to add it to my
aggregator and I did. When I listen to a podcast for the first time and
it puzzles me, it's usually a good sign. This time was no exception.

I've listened to a few of the episodes and am hooked. Your tastes in
tunes are just as strange as mine. Sweet! Also noticed you're reading
DaOitMK (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom) by Cory (Doctorow) and releasing it as a podiobook. Very cool. I've stuck the first few chapters in my MP3 player and will find some time to listen. It was cool to read, and I'm looking forward to listening, too!

Just letting you know I'm enjoying the work. :)


Evo Terra

DragonPage.com | SliceofSciFi.com | Podiobooks.com

KMan Hits 11 #47


When Your World Goes Boing Boing

I just picked up a subsonic message from Hong Kong Disneyland, it seems that we've been blogged in Boing Boing for DAO Podcast series. Ping my wuffie and get on the shuttle-haven't you been deadheading for too long!

DAO Fellow Travelers-DAO12R

Hey quit deadheading, grab some more whuffie and download revised Prologue and Chapter 1 all available as DAO12R .mp3 file. After this we are 100% animatronically correct down to the curly hairs on Walt Disney's.... well, need we exaggerate. So after this we will continue with DAO in correct sequence picking up next week with DAO4-Chapter 3.

Intro: Shakin the Henhouse Organic
Theme: Stare at the Floor Sans Trauma
Intermssion between Prologue and Chap. 1:
Patience 5:05 Cosmic Rough Riders
Stripped Me Naked 4:57 John Lee Hooker
Close of Show:
newvibes11 4:28 Dread Daze
Background music:
forward and back 10:28 vae
nips 3:07 esem Electronic
tell me colours 3:58 morning papers vs. lizardking
07/10/99 3:45 lackluster

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Une Faux Pas

trumpet notes
trumpet notes,
originally uploaded by Poagao.
It seems I've been remiss in correctly crediting the artful photographic contribuion of Poagao-he is credited ad linked here. Please take some time to view his collection-many fine shots there. Please also be sure to credit him with link if you use them.


DAO3-Chapter 2

Hello Fellow DAO lover's! Here it is: the uninterrupted reading of DAO Chapter 2 with a couple of songs before and after for your audio pleasure. So please sit back, close your eyes and enjoy together with me Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom-Chapter 2. Similarly revised version of Prologue and Chapter 1 I will do as one program very shortly. Thanks for all the comments, encouragement and support!
Intro: Organic-Shakin' the Henhouse
Beginning: Sans Trauma-Stare at the Floor
Background: Orb Getarr
Close: Brother Love-People Everywhere
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Thinking of Michael B.

Please note this is a special multi-media podcast inspired by and dedicated to the very gifted, and unforunately right now, the very ill-Michael Brecker. In this you'll find some excellent music in the background and foreground from Michael B. and others, talk about some adjustments to DAO program and Cory Doctorow's new work in progress, hear a lecture by the late Hunter S. Thomson, hear me introduce my audio partners in crime, ride the podcasting wave-great shout from Brother Love, talk about the concept of podsafe music, and read a passage from Brooklyn: A State of Mind. It runs long: 68 minutes. No I'm not going to make this the norm. In summary, if you would like further info about Michael please visit his site, and leave an e-mail let him know you care! You people are the best!
An amateur's guide to sleeping sickness 5:09 GRAVITY PROPULSION SYSTEM ---
People Of The Earth 3:04 Graham Coxon
No Turning Back 3:42 I Roy
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live) 6:04 Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker, Lyle Mays
Body and Soul (live) 11:24 Elvin Jones with Michael Brecker
Some Skunk Funk 8:58 Brecker Brothers Band
Zyryab 6:17 Paco De Lucía
Duende 7:28 Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin & Steve Stevens
Venus/Upper Egypt 8:38 Sonny Sharrock Band
Highlife 4:14 Sonny Sharrock Band

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Hello World

On the subject of podcasting and it's effect on independent (podsafe) musicians, NYC's Brother Love performer/composer of Summertime & Push (#1 & #3 songs on Podsafe Music Net) had this comment:
"Everyone is buzzing about all of this - I get emails and calls asking me if Podcasting Is worth lookin' into - I'm like HELL YES IT IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE Ride on My Friend - Ride that Wave! Brolo"

So appropriately, if someone asks me,"Hey Bluesman does this podcasting really mean anything?" I shall reply succintly,"HELL YES IT IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE AND I'M RIDING IT ALL THE WAY MY FRIEND !"


Welcome DAO Fans

Welcome to all you DAO fans! Nice to have you come by blog and download first 2 shows. I'm sure it's quite a bit different than your usual audiobook experience. Fret not, we will be making some minor adjustments to better compliment the narative flow of Cory's fine piece of fiction. DAO3-the 2nd chapter should be up by the weekend and hopefully will really kick things into high gear. I will also redo DAO1 & 2 to reflect uninterupted narrative approach per DAO 3, so please be a little patient, it'll be worth it. Please feel free to make comments/or suggestions or e-mail me. I'm a desexed marshmallow, but have plenty of whuffie available-ping away. Please also try and consider subscribing to show via rss feed, or feedburner links with ITunes, IPodderX, IPodder, or Odeo.

Look forward to making this a fun journey with you, so quit deadheading and listen in.
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http://allmusic.com Michael Brecker Bio

Biographyby Scott Yanow

A remarkable technician and a highly influential tenor saxophonist (the biggest influence on other tenors since Wayne Shorter), Michael Brecker took a long time before getting around to recording his first solo album. He spent much of his career as a top-notch studio player who often appeared backing pop singers, leading some jazz listeners to overlook his very strong improvising skills.

Brecker originally started on clarinet and alto before switching to tenor in high school. Early on, he played with rock and R&B-oriented bands. In 1969, he moved to New York, and soon joined Dreams, an early fusion group. Brecker was with Horace Silver during 1973-1974, gigged with Billy Cobham, and then co-led the Brecker Brothers (a commercially successful funk group) with his brother, trumpeter Randy Brecker, for most of the 1970s. He was with Steps (later Steps Ahead) in the early '80s, doubled on an EWI (electronic wind instrument), and made a countless number of studio sessions during the 1970s and '80s, popping up practically everywhere (including with James Taylor, Yoko Ono, and Paul Simon). With the release of his first album as a leader in 1987 (when he was already 38), Brecker started appearing more often in challenging jazz settings. He recorded additional sets as a leader (in 1988 and 1990), teamed up with McCoy Tyner on one of 1995's most rewarding jazz recordings, and toured with a reunited Brecker Brothers band. Two Blocks From the Edge followed in 1998, and a year later, Brecker returned with Time Is of the Essence. Nearness of You: The Ballad Book was released in spring 2001.


Critical Need for Michael Brecker

Some serious news-a lot of you may know Michael Brecker from the Brecker Brothers or various other musical works. He has a life and death situation. Please check this site or Parking in Bitterman Circle for details.
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Down and Out#2


Blues But not Blue: #44


This photo is from one of Taiwan's true renaissance men-Poagao. He photographs, films, writes, blogs and plays music. I'm sure he does all the basic stuff the rest of us do. Check out his networkof various blogs. Take your time-there's a lot there to digest.


Chinese Father's Day#43

Happy Chinese Father's Day 爸爸節快樂! This show put together on 8/8 which is Chinese Father's day because 8/8 sounds like'Papa". Did spontaneous story to the song title's. Check out the Italian Born Chinese podcast. A very nice podcast about a guy with Chinese heritage, grew up in Milan, Italy and married his Taiwanese sweetheart and lives with her in Shanghai. Drop by Whole Lot of Nonsense and whish Brad P. speedy recovery!

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone 2:36 Sleater-Kinney
Crones 3:29 Oranger
Back To The Rebels 3:12 The Exit
Going Home 2:42 Screeching Weasel
Chinese Dancer 3:22 Proton Proton
mylovedarling 5:30 Dread Daze
Chemical Romance 3:45 Q Without U
World to Cry 3:33 The dB's

Background music:
Vincent Van Go Go 3:16 Hangin 10 on the Shinkansen Podsafe Music Network
BMs Beds and Bumpers 3:53 Fight Music Podsafe Music Network Playlist
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Gaelic-Celtic Epiphany

Perhaps due to listening to Mark Hunter's fine, Tartan Podcast it's got me thinking of more things Scottish and particularly, films. Two masterpieces of cinema totally unalike and unrelated other than being stories about Scotland are Local Hero and Trainspotting. I just watched Trainspotting again last night. If you haven't seen either of these movies please do so. Please note that Trainspotting is not an ideal family picture due to strong subject matter, images, and language.

The third film I mentioned is Irish and another wonderful story with great music and a charming cast of "unknowns", with a very much "known" director-Alan Parker.


Blues musician dies after stroke

BBC News BBC News | Entertainment | Music | UK Edition
Updated every minute of every day

Blues musician dies after stroke

Veteran US blues musician "Little" Milton Campbell dies at the age of 71, days after suffering a stroke.

Down and Out#1

Well friends the adventure begins-this is first episode of Cory Doctorow's: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom a Creative Commons published novel. I am reciting this fine novel by Cory with Creative Commons and podsafe music in the background and during pauses. I plan on doing one reading (chapter?) each week. I give my warmest thanks to Cory for personally assenting to this project, to Mike Potter over at Coffeehouse To Go podcast for informing me that this work existed, and to Edinburgh Scotland's musical giant's-Sans Trauma whose music was a must in my mind for accompanying this project (their song Stare at the Floor opens and closes each episode). Prologue

Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic Featured in the intro

inheritor 8:41 xhale Sad Sequence Pt 1 6:59 Fumitaka Anzai Podsafe Music :background music during recital
Music during pauses in order:
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
Pilot In My Head 4:17 Iron Hero Somebody please give these guys a good record deal!
agenda suicide (fake ID mix) 4:58 the faint
This 3:33 Brian Eno
Download DAO#1
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New Feature Next Podcast

I'm happy to announce that beginning with the next podcast we'll be reading Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom a futuristic novel. This will be accompanied by the usual music, poetry, dog whistles, chinese handcuffs,etc. Many of you probaly know Cory from Boing Boing the excellent and funny blog he edits. Please make sure you listen in and join the party!


New news

Music buyers 'are growing older' Any senior discount for that download?


Dirt Bag to Lost Art#42

Howdy there hockey fans-happy to mention Dave Slusher at Evil Genius Chronicles. If intelligent talk and good music are your thing there you be. Like to say thanks to Brad Sucks for killer song-my son Kevin digs it too!
Poem 1& 2
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
metro 3:15 I am the World Trade Center
Absence 4:55 Antarctica 81:03

I'll Be Around 2:57 Superkreme
Lost Art 3:20 Mere Mortals
Background music
Gaia 2:33 Orb Gettarr
ddn 8:55 Orb Gettarr
deep mountain 4:32 Roland Barker
Lonely Satellites 5:26 Alchemical9

Download Todays Podcast#42