"C" for Chinese New year!

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So more musical selections from bands who's name begins with "C". The 411 on Chinese Lunar New year and the "year of the dog." Miss Anne(my lovely wife makes first appearance on this podcast and wishes everyone-"Happy New Year" in Chinese). Shout out to Paul from ADDCast
and Creative Commons.
Please buy music from these artists:
Storm Across The Sea 4:16 Chuck Prophet
sonoran bust 3:37 Chuck Wagon & the Wheels
Go Go Go 2:22 Cliff Hillis
Furthest Cloud in the Sky 2:51 Col. Knowledge & the Lickity-Splits
Tonight on the WB 3:28 The Comas
Please Wait 3:22 Consequences
Arizona 4:15 The Constantines
Hit For Six 2:01 Consumed
Pass It On 2:20 The Coral
Auf Wiedersehen 4:07 Coronet Blue
Gotta Kill My Baby 2:35 The Cowslingers
Boulevard 3:35 Crimson Sweet
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Chillin' in Phoenix

Hey Sports fans-your favorite Bluesman is kickin it in Phoenix, AZ and enjoying the cool dry weather and vacation. Nice to spend time with my mom and meet some of her many friends she's told me about over the last couple of years. It's also a first meeting Evo Terra and Mike M. from Dragon Page. I'm actually sitting in the Dragon Page studio typing out this post. Summer of the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas just walked in the door. Life could be a lot worse but in fact it keeps getting better.

I will attend a Chinese New Year celebration this Fri. eve at the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.


Some crisp "C-notes"

Photo By GlobalGlenn
On with the alphabeta approach to musical podcasting. Today we have the first batch of "c"s. Mention FreeCulture.org and DragonPage, as well as upcoming trip. Blog posts will be few and far between in the coming 3 weeks. You might want to check over at http:legup.libsyn.com for posts/podcasts.
Please support the arists buy their music from them!
The Line Up f/ Wordsworth, J-Trends, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin & MF Doom 4:25 C-Rayz Walz
The Trouble With Public Places 2:58 Cadallaca
Rosemary Moore 3:37 Caitlin Cary
drips like honey 2:25 Candy First & Apple 3:54 The Caribbean
War 2:52 Carla Whitney
The Improbable Solution 4:09 The Cassettes
Clocks 3:05 The Casual Dots
Big Hit Song 2:51 The Cautions
Kill Me 3:34 CEX
Such A Scene 2:43 The Changes
Easy Street 2:56 Cheeseburger
Virginia, Don't Drown 3:52 Chin Up Chin Up
The musical flower bed: King's Weed 1:18 Chk Chk Chk
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FreeCulture News:DRM

Image by Arimoore
I'm a happy Bluesman today-I feature info/output from 2 of my favorite people from the blog/podosphere: Dave Slusher and Jonathan Coulton. Today's news piece is from Dave's post on Evil Genius Chronicles blog, and audio clip is from his Clambake of Jan. 12th. Jonathan graciously gave me a shout out on a mashup of some JC and Brad Sucks songs I published. He also has some video/JC song mashups linked in this post.
Public Enemy-No Meanin No (Brooklyn Bluesman Die SF remix)
JoCo's Brand New Brad Sucker(Brad Sucks:Dirt Bag Jonathan Coulton:Brand New Sucker, Town Crotch, Furry Lobster)
DC3000-Thievery Corporation(Dave Slusher/Mark Forman Uplift remix)
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Some Pandora Fun

Photo by Dr. Snafu
To immediately listen to this music station I've created simply click on this link or copy and paste it into your Internet browser: "Pirate Love Radio"

This station was generated off of inputting "Pirate Love" by the New York Dolls as my reference song.

This station plays on Pandora, a music listening and discovery service. Pandora
enables users to easily create streaming stations that explore their favorite
parts of the music universe.



Free Culture-Chapter 9

Photo by Meg Pickard
Indie Labels Give Free MP3s to Customers Who Buy vinyl BoingBoing posted by Cory D.
Play Creative Commons promo and pledge my allegiance to the cause before I read Chapter 9 of Free Culture.
Vena_Cava 3:57 50 Foot Wave
The Unhappy Song 3:00 John Doe
trancendental 5:19 4t thieves
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Mindfield: Of Dreams and Sleep

Serendipity Supreme

Photo by Bodhi47
I had heard about this project a week or so ago. I had no idea it was going to made available so soon, or what the terms of use were, or how absolutely kick ass the service would be. I'm talking about Pandora, a music service that lets you set up unlimited channels of music that it helps you select based on artist or song reccomendations you make. It then proceeds to emulate your taste. You can edit out any songs you don't like at any time. Best of all you can opt for free service(site will display ads) or paid service(ad-free).
Update: You can share your stations with friends via share/e-mail link Too cool for school!


FreeCulture News:11

Photo by Poagao
Short one here-expect more regular FC News with current events and Creative Commons music. News items-Pledge to boycott DRM CDs
ColdPlay CD DRM -- more information
Judge Grants Preliminary Approval for Sony BMG CD Settlement
My first mashup of 3 Jonathan Coulton songs and one Brad Sucks song:
JoCo's Brand New Brad Sucker by Brooklyn Bluesman
Together 3:42 Tessitura
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Now, Flip with me to "B"


Going Through the Dictionary-"A"

Courtesy of Whiskeygonebad
Realized while I was looking through my ITunes that there were many songs that got passed over due to my sorting by "date added." So expect a series of shows featuring stuff that got re-shuffled by"name." So today we begin with the numbered stuff and the "A"s. Play a promo for FreeCulture.org, one of my favorite activist groups, and give a shout out to the CC-home fries man-congrats on his happy 100th! Do a characterization based on Brooklyn: A State of Mind essay.

Trapped Under Ice Flows 3:22 +/-
One More Week 3:14 1,2,3 and the Fours
Undone 3:52 3 Man
Racing Away 5:58 1 Giant Leap
The Calling 5:07 A Positive Life
Body of My Own 3:03 A Thousand Times Yes
God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me 3:31 Aberdeen City
do what you wanna do 3:08 acid house kings
The musical water bed: mists of time ambient 8:47 4t thieves
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Giving credit where it is due

Courtesy of Alan M. Hughes
My Nana(grandmother) always taught me to "give credit where it is due." My main model for magnanamosity. The worthy recipient a hand is Craig Bonnell from the Swedes Please blog. This guy has great Swedish music reccommendations day in and day out, many of which have ended up on the podcast. Kudos Craig-have a slammin '06!


Free Culture 10/Property/Chapter 8:Transformers

Photo by Ramener
Today's reading offers the following Creative Commons music:
1000 Points Of Light 8:37 The Dharmas The Dharmas
Goodbye 3:27 Tessitura On the importance of being confused
The Bed: Something New/Everything's Ota 5:03 Markovich/AMP
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Help Patti Santangelo

Downhill Battle-the Bluesman's favorite music activists have graciously provided banner and link for Patti Santangelo-housewife and mother of 5 being who is being sued by RIAA for a ridiculous amount of money. The RIAA is well known as a bully who likes to make the "punishment fit" irregardless of whether there is any crime. You can contribute to Patti's defense fund by link at top right by clicking on "PaypalDonate" button.