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Today's FreeCultureNews welcomes guest author & podcaster: Evo Terra. I spoke with Evo about DragonPage Podcast, new book: Podcasting For Dummies, and participation in Creative Commons, Free Culture. Mentioned Uplift Song(Music by Thievery Corporation, Words By Dave Slusher & Mark Forman). Inspiration for song came from recent podcasts of Evil Genius Chronicles.

News topics mentioned
Cory Doctorow posts Super Broadcast Flag/Video move by hollywood
Xeni Jardin posts on company getting Yahoo to rat out employee who slagged them
Cory on SONY DRM rootkit
My Morning Jacket CD crippled/label provides breaking code
Google goes CC-CC search
WeaponsOfMassDeception 3:21 The Bots
Uplift 4:26 Thievery Corp/Dave& Mark
Better 3:14 Jonathan Coulton
Understood By Your Dad (demo) 2:29 Brad Sucks
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Revelation-The Chinese I spoke at Evo's request translated was, "Evo Terra, you're my hero, you're the greatest, what a handsome guy you are." The reason I'm revealing this is hopefully he'll send me a generous financial renumeration for "slightly" enhancing the truth!LOL.
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