Noodle Goodness

Grabbing some great noodles from Muslim Chinese noodle place(beef and  lamb only no pork). Hit the mall  for a bit. Featured music Faces bu UKHeights.com


Moon Festival '07

Did this video during '07 Moon Festival(4 day weekend). Backed with Moshang-Comfort Zone from Chill Dynasty. Lowered compression this time-should be richer image.


Taichung Jade Market

Took atrip down to the old Jade Market by Taichung Park. Played song by Chang  Juichuan (remixed by http://moshang.net) from http://AsianVariations.com free web dowload album


Going To Huck's

Shot this video on my way to my favorite pizza palce here. Family-owned by former manager from teh US Shakey's chain. Nice peopel and yummy pizza. Music from http:garageband.com by Indikator-Electroplasm


Moshang Chilling at the Grooveyard

Moshang at Asian Variations premiere at Grooveyard in Taichung, Taiwan. Great event with Viba (also on Asian Variations free compilation) performing as well. Keep eyes open  for his video here soon.

Produced by Mark Forman and assisted by Kevin Forman(mobile camera work).