Call It What You Will

Rain at Night:

An early cricket chirps,

then pauses;
the dying lamp gutters
then flares again.

Outside my window
I know it is raining--
the leaves of the banana
first know its drumming.

Bai Ju Yi:
Translated by
David Lunde

I've been hearing a bunch of good stuff, some of it new to me, and pretty exciting. Love hearing new tunes. If you have any you'd like to turn me on to, please do so. Send info or links to e-mail
I'm calling this cast "Call It What You Will Cast", because I don't know how to tie it up in a neat little package, with a ribbon and appropriate label. My second choice for today's cast was "The Bitchin' Music Cast." So take your pick.

Devin Townsend is one mucho heavy multi-faceted singer/musician (numerous quality musical projects). Started out with Steve Vai when just a sprout. He and his music have grown up together.
Bubble caught me off guard- I'm not usually into chick singers, but this clicked, so sue me!
Know I've got a little bit of history with Jason Falkner, ever since he was in the slightly overblown Jellyfish. Done several killer power pop discs including some great covers. Love him as a solo artist.
UK's Cardiacs where an accidental treasure discovered by link on Wildheart's site. Very rich eclectic flavor in this band from alt-rock to Frank Zappa.
mp3 for this podcast


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