Uh Huh, I Can Hear That

Nalan Xingde Poem
The mountain, a march;
The river, a march;
The the uplands and over the Yu Kuan Pass I go.
Countless lamps in the tented darkness glow.

A night-watch of wind,
A night-watch of snow -
And a clamor that shatters my sleepless home-sick heart.
I know a garden where it is not so.

Tr. A. Ayling & D. Mackintosh

Oh yeah, here comes old BBlueman's grandaddy, the Old Crawlin Kingsnake Man himself. I miss him, but we have all of his beautiful music to remember him by. This track with his gifted beautiful spirit music buddy-Mr. Carlos Santana-folks it doesn't get any better than this.Link below will take you to John Lee Hooker's Foundation site.

An energetic, uplifting, feelgood groove-pop thing, the music of Fat Nut breaks the mold of cookie cutter alternative rock and fills you with an indelible vibe, a breath of fresh air. Their unique combination of melodic steel drums fused with the thick intricate guitar work and tight rhythm section compel you to whistle their music long after it has stopped. (They said it-not me-but I'll buy that).

Together, the members of Parchman Farm birth a satisfying but ugly musical child. In an era where garage music and garages in general have been contemporized to the point of being futuristic, the old school soul seems missing from today's rock and roll bands, except of course for 50 Cent, the 21st century's answer to both Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Screamin' Jackie Robinson. Parchman Farm satiates that special part inside each and every one of us. They are steeped in boiling hot water for a long period of time until the water is flavored. You don't have to, but they suggest that you believe in the power of both the right and the left hand. But wash your hands before you shake the hands of the Parchman Farm people, and wash your hands afterwards because chances are they didn't wash their hands beforehand.

Q Who else has been in the Wildhearts?
Past members include:

Snake (ex-Tobruk), Julian Deen (ex-Soho Roses), Pat Walters (ex-Soho Roses),Bam (Dogs D'amour and Bubble), Ritch Battersby (ex-Radio Moscow, ex-Grand Theft Audio and Security) , Willie Dowling (ex-Grip, ex-Cat People, ex-Honeycrack, The Celebrity Squares)
Mark Keds (ex-Senseless Things, ex-Jolt), Devin Townsend (ex-Vai and Solo Artist), Jef Streatfield (ex-Schmoozer, ex-Farmer Geddon and Plan A, Danny McCormack (ex-Energetic Krusher, ex-Yo-Yo's, ex-Chasers). Need I say any more? Oh yeah-Ginger

NY Poets:Dog, Cats, and Television


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