So the Nickel Stops

2005 comes to an end. In Chinese custom if you make it to new years it means you escaped being consumed by a big evil dragon, whew-looks like we made it. Thanks so much to all readers/listeners, my D-Voice posse, and especially to those of you that provide comments and feedback. Today's show is a hodgepodge of cool music particularly my bad boy homies from Brooklyn-Organic!; who rock my world continually with their funky music. John and Bennett you guys are the best. Keep your eyes and mouths open on what happens in southern US post hurricane reconstruction. The best of all to all of you in the new year-let's all play together and grow together!

Bacon 2.22.05 4:31 Organic!
Elvin Dub 2.22.05 6:16 Organic!

Summertime-Live at the Podcast Expo Brother Love
Joe Frazier 3:07 Burning Spear
Keep on knocking 3:02 Jacob Miller
Carlos Santana live
Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic
Tall Cool Glass Of Betty 3:51 Organic

01 Sister In Love 2:08 The Envelopes
Oregano 4:02 Ana Laan Oregano
Neville Bros Live
ZZ Top Live Blues
In the background overheard by elves: Glad 6:59 Traffic
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Blogger g said...

happy new year mark!!

(this is gem.)

9:43 PM  
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