Ho, Ho, Homeless:69

John Hodgman appeared to me in a dream as one of those furry lobsters. He said, Mark, Bluesman, do another essay on the hobos from my new book, Areas of My Expertise." So... Remember the homeless this Christmas season. Thought I'd get out some more unusual Christmas tunes while I was at it.
Xmas Song 4:30 American Heartbreak
Santa Claus Boogie 2:54 Hasil Adkins
Merry Crassmas 5:31 C.r.a.s.s.
I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas 2:00 Peter And The Test Tube Babies
Death Under the Christmas Tree 1:52 White Flag
Whiskey Christmas 6:13 ScottMajerus
In the background: Carol Of The Bells 2:31 California Guitar Trio
Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix) 4:06 The Cathedral Brass
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