MindField:The Long Tail Wagging the Dog

Photo By James B
So much talk about the Longtail these days in the blog/podosphere. Concept originally espoused by Wired editor: Chris Anderson late last year. I offer some different spins on the Long Tail concept/philosophy as well as some possible applications in my own life. Play some new songs along with a few favorites previously played over this past year. Give a shout to Frank Key from Resonance FM-The Hooting Yard, thanks to Steve Eley for referring. The clock tick, tick, ticks. Closer to the New Year-new opportunities.

Veronica in ecstacy 4:21 Cardiacs
Slap & Tickle (live) 4:17 Squeeze
Never In 3:04 101
How Long 4:54 Out Hud
Chosen Child 4:21 Parchman Farm
Invisible Girl 2:18 The Patsys
Surftitute 1:50 Who+Beach Boys
Episodes (Diphenhydramine) 3:25 Pela
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God 3:43 Kaiser Chiefs
The Musical bed(unmade)The Equalizer Busy Equalizing 3:17 Stewart Copeland
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Blogger g said...

happy new year mark!!
(this is gem)

2:33 PM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Hey Gem,
Semester went fast huh? Happy New Year to you too.

4:58 PM  

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