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Howdy rodeo fans-first let me get caught up on a couple of Chanukkah songs dedicated to Scripting News'-Dave Winer(love my rss) and Evil Genius Chronicles-Dave Slusher-2 cool Daves. Now we get to a musical journey to one of my favorite towns-Tucson. Spent some of the best years of my youth there and do some blabbing about the Old Pueblo, me, etc. Lot of great bands and musical culture in that town-why don't we have a listen.

The Dreydel Song 2:22 El Vez
Chanukah Rap 3:06 Craig 'n Co.
The Unbearable Pageant 3:22 Oh My God
Hereditary Handshake 3:18 Chango Malo
My niggaz down south 3:39 swing ding amigos
sank 7:11 Lonna Kelly
Welcome You Into My Head 3:19 Ryanhood
History Of Lovers 3:11 Iron & Wine / Calexico
the wishing hour 6:09 ashengrace
Sympathy 2:37 Whiskey Bitch
HarveyWallbanger 3:15 Nowhere Man
Seven (remix) 5:17 Ashengrace
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Blogger bpende said...

The show frickin' rocks. I've ceased to take offense at people using terms like NA, or Indian... since I self-identify as NDN. I tend to take offense at terms like rez-ni&&er. My dad told me a great story of getting called rez-ni&&er while he was visiting back home in upstate Wisconsin.

Ain't this a great country?

9:38 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Thx on show. We all have the ability to say ugly, hurtful things. One thing I've come to relize is how insensitive people can be at times-meaning they say ugly and hurtful things innocently-oblivious to the fact they are ugly and hurtful.

I think that's a human thing not just an American thing. I'll try to keep playing Tucson music.

9:45 AM  

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