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Today's guest is Aron Michalski, podcaster(Parking in Bitterman Circle) and bass/drum tech for the band Weezer. Today's show is a special tribute to Chris Whitley, a very gifted musical artist that has gone on ahead. We will miss you but not forget you Chris. Please visit the Chris Whitley website to leave your messages for the family or your gifts. I recite Pablo Neruda's Clenched Soul in Chris' honor.

DRM News story from Cory D.
Loco Girl 3:11 Chris Whitley Dirt Floor
Living With The Law 3:43 Chris Whitley
Narcotic Prayer 3:51 Chris Whitley
Spanish Harlem Incident 2:38 Chris Whitley
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Anonymous Ken Nelson said...

Good show, Mark. I wasn't familiar with Chris; I paid a visit to the website, and read the tributes to him. He made a bunch of records. Wish there'd been more MP3s to sample.

Good to hear from Bitterman, Aron actually, and get a voice to go with the words he's left over at Dave's. I gotta check out his show.

BTW, was that Leo Kottke in the background music on this show? If so, great! If not, I was fooled.


3:24 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Hey Ol' Moose,
There was a whole live concert up a while back and they took it down. Aron is a real bright guy with a real dry sardonic wit. He's a scream. Very subtle.
first time I fool you I'll spring for butterfly kleenex. You nailed it dead on-Leo Kottke.

8:19 AM  
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