Beer, Is What Ales the Stout-hearted

Photo by Khya
MindField is proud to debut with the following:Let's all go for a swim in the sudsy audio brine together! Sounds great, more filling when bundled with various podcast slurping,sipping, burping and belching buddies. A wee contest-whoever sends me a beer fact to blog comment or e-mail bbluesman at gmail dot com will receive a rare Bubble-Live version of the Johnny Thunders song-I Wanna Be Loved. What could be better-beer and Bubble?

I offer some beer facts and a lot of hopping music. Imbibers participating, C.C. Chapman, Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, Hugh Brackett, Michael Mennenga, Evo Terra, Summer Brooks, & Joe Murphy. Thanks for audio contributions to all.

Beer for Breakfast 1:37 The Replacements Who Drank the Beer 2:43 Tommy Duncan
Good Ale 2:10 Lou Killen Good Ale
Stein Song 3:17 Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees
Beer & Kisses 3:41 Amy Rigby Diary Of A Mod Housewife
Gimme a Pigfoot (And a Bottle of Beer) 2:45 Billie Holiday
Beer 8:02 Cory Morrow
La Biere 3:16 Jacques Brel
Two Six Packs Away 2:20 Dave Dudley
$4 Pabst 2:04 The Gunshy Souls
Jar of Porter 1:48 Luke Kelly & The Dubliners
Pop A Top 2:17 Jim Ed Brown
Ballantine Beer 1:00 Ballantine Beer Orchestra
Schlitz 1:01 Schlitz Singers Drinking Songs
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