Under the Microscope: #32

I was recently put under the microscope by Eric & Cohry of Vox Monitor. Two independent musicians that do a podcast critiquing/reviewing other podcasts. Other than finding out that my podcast rocked their world, I discovered that Eric is afraid of blue M&M's and stepping on cracks in the sidewalk; while Cohry is an autistic idiot savant that never took a lesson but plays the theramin even better than the guy in "Good Vibrations", by the Beach Boys. This podcast is dedicated and in response to them.
Poem 1 & 2
My Mind Is Rambling 6:21 Junior Kimbrough BUY CD Can't Say It 3:35 The Vitamen BUY CD
Solvent 5:56 Gravity Propulsion System BUY CD
2 Wheel Nation 5:23 Acid King BUY CD
No More Reasons 3:32 SEXSLAVES BUY CD
Down in Mississippi 4:37 Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid and James Blood Ulmer BUY CD

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