Never Know who'll you'll meet on Skype

Just had a disturbing Skype call from some guy claiming to be a spiritual medium for Hunter Thompson. Calling from Kansas of all places. This is just the type of thing that the Homeland security people are supposed to keep from happening so we can sleep peacefully at night. Well, any how I got the poor wretch to calm down after promising him some Girl Scout cookies from my own personal stash. This seemed to settle him down some, but then he started ranting about foreign tourists ruining Las Vegas for the rest of the hard working Americans that can pick up conversations from the planet Saturn without wearing a hat or tin foil.

Can anyone help me. If he calls again what should I do.....


Anonymous Heidi Miller said...

I'd say the same thing I do when my mother calls... just set down the phone and say an occasional "uh-huh," "yeah, that's too bad," or "I know how you feel." They wear themselves out eventually, and you can surf the internet during the entire conversation!

2:53 AM  

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