Magnet+Iron=Attraction #31

Poem 1 & 2
The Monster magnet begins the super cruel reaction over plane thronabulax' surface. Moving and shaking the planet's iron content.... later water upon iron brings rust. tales are spun, fun is had! New background music for talking, yummy yummy. Ear candy sweeter by the minute.

Supercruel 3:40 Monster Magnet BUY CD
Heart of a Ghost 4:37 Iron Hero BUY CD
Woman King 4:21 Iron & Wine BUY CD
Iron Galaxy 5:56 Cannibal Ox BUY CD
Kinda Dry 2:45 Players Club BUY CD
Rusted Lincoln 4:14 Traindodge

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Anonymous eric said...

I'm looking forward to reviewing this podcast. This is a very exciting podcast. Cohry and I don't get excited by what we hear too often.

I foolishly pushed your cast to the back of the line because the title of your cast and colored-text in the email made me think it was going to be a really bad cast, ha ha.

review should be up manana.

10:57 AM  

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