Follow the Money Trail-Careful Not to Get Wet

I can understand Mark Cuban( http://www.blogmaverick.com/) having an opinion, and after all he’s at least a hundred million times smarter than me. What I can’t get is why he’s pissing so heavy on the podcasting parade? Is there some conflict with some business plan he has, that he’s not telling us about? The technology he helped develop is still around, but he walked away with a billion ducats and his company tanked. Last time I checked, the San Antonio Spurs are the world champions, while Mr. Cuban’s team are also-rans. There’s still the issue of the billions, hey Mark if you can throw a little more coin my way, not the miserly $.17/hour that you guesstimate, but lets say even $17/hour, and I’ll start podcasting how great the Mavericks are and how white your teeth are, etc.


Anonymous Aron said...

It's weird, because I don't feel mad or outraged by his comments...they seem to both bode well with my initial feelings about podcasting and also give me great comfort at the same time.
I in a strange way don't want to be a "successful" podcaster in more than a few ways and they are not entirely about a fear of success (though I have been accused of that...) Podcasting should be fun, it should be a place to voice our feelings and opinions, our favorite songs (RIAA be DAMNED). I am not in the mood to have my shows dictated by a sponsor or a board of judges. Those who care to listen will and those who want Howard Stern, D&D and Soccergirl will probably unsubscribe my stupid ass and be titulated by more nonsense than I can muster. I try to be true to my voice and I have only seen a few folks who have stuck to their guns and still bought a boat (so to speak) ...smashing soapbox over own head...

12:33 PM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

This is one of those issues where there is no right and wrong. Just people voiceing there opinion which is based on an individual personality, culture, and philosophy. I feel Mark Cuban is entitled to his opinion as much as anyone. He having a lot of money and some fame obviously attracts more listeners than I do since the world we live in is governed by materialism as much as the earth is governed by gravity.

That being said, I think it's time to reveal that I'm the love child of Howard Stern and Soccer Girl, am also mad as hell at the RIAA, BMI, and glad that the Spurs one, because it shows that the Suns who I lie even beter, were beaten by the champs.

I of course respect your voice, and that's why you'll always be welcome to vent your spleen on my blog, unlike the pleasant uplifting comments I leave on yours. Hopefully, if and when i have a boat you'll be welcome on board as we go out to sea and howl at the moon and simultaneously soundsee cast with our IRivers.

Now,swallow the damn lithium and set up the kick drum!

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