Going Through the Dictionary-"A"

Courtesy of Whiskeygonebad
Realized while I was looking through my ITunes that there were many songs that got passed over due to my sorting by "date added." So expect a series of shows featuring stuff that got re-shuffled by"name." So today we begin with the numbered stuff and the "A"s. Play a promo for FreeCulture.org, one of my favorite activist groups, and give a shout out to the CC-home fries man-congrats on his happy 100th! Do a characterization based on Brooklyn: A State of Mind essay.

Trapped Under Ice Flows 3:22 +/-
One More Week 3:14 1,2,3 and the Fours
Undone 3:52 3 Man
Racing Away 5:58 1 Giant Leap
The Calling 5:07 A Positive Life
Body of My Own 3:03 A Thousand Times Yes
God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me 3:31 Aberdeen City
do what you wanna do 3:08 acid house kings
The musical water bed: mists of time ambient 8:47 4t thieves
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Blogger bpende said...

This is a nice set. I'm sitting here, farting around late at night on the net, and I'm really diggin' the show. I loved the reading. Maybe Evo can use that as a tutorial for his next reading. He's gonna snap one of these days, we're all givin' him so much shite.

12:08 PM  

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