Some crisp "C-notes"

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On with the alphabeta approach to musical podcasting. Today we have the first batch of "c"s. Mention FreeCulture.org and DragonPage, as well as upcoming trip. Blog posts will be few and far between in the coming 3 weeks. You might want to check over at http:legup.libsyn.com for posts/podcasts.
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The Line Up f/ Wordsworth, J-Trends, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin & MF Doom 4:25 C-Rayz Walz
The Trouble With Public Places 2:58 Cadallaca
Rosemary Moore 3:37 Caitlin Cary
drips like honey 2:25 Candy First & Apple 3:54 The Caribbean
War 2:52 Carla Whitney
The Improbable Solution 4:09 The Cassettes
Clocks 3:05 The Casual Dots
Big Hit Song 2:51 The Cautions
Kill Me 3:34 CEX
Such A Scene 2:43 The Changes
Easy Street 2:56 Cheeseburger
Virginia, Don't Drown 3:52 Chin Up Chin Up
The musical flower bed: King's Weed 1:18 Chk Chk Chk
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