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I'm a happy Bluesman today-I feature info/output from 2 of my favorite people from the blog/podosphere: Dave Slusher and Jonathan Coulton. Today's news piece is from Dave's post on Evil Genius Chronicles blog, and audio clip is from his Clambake of Jan. 12th. Jonathan graciously gave me a shout out on a mashup of some JC and Brad Sucks songs I published. He also has some video/JC song mashups linked in this post.
Public Enemy-No Meanin No (Brooklyn Bluesman Die SF remix)
JoCo's Brand New Brad Sucker(Brad Sucks:Dirt Bag Jonathan Coulton:Brand New Sucker, Town Crotch, Furry Lobster)
DC3000-Thievery Corporation(Dave Slusher/Mark Forman Uplift remix)
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