Run , Don't Walk for Rock n Roll TV Net

I can't tell you how tickled I was when I found out a couple of kick ass rockin musician friends are raising the bar on their creativity. They're now producing Rock n Roll TV.Net which is like a "punk" VLOG version of MTV except much cooler, playing only "core" indie bands with host Share Ross giving Amanda Congdon a run for the money, when she reports the news. Share and husband Bam, 2/3 of the hard rockin' trash/glam rock Bubble are as adept with video production as they are with guitar and drums. Their Rock n Roll "street credibility" is totally sound with stints in The Wildhearts, Dogs D'Amour, Vixen and now Bubble. The Bluesman says, "Be there or be square!"

Stay tuned for updates on Share and Bam guesting on FreeCulture News !
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