Stop Our Naive Yearning for lame product

The major labels real problem is ineptness
My people with Downhill Battle-Music Activism say it "like it is", when it comes to greed-head music labels that tell us bold face lies, on behalf of the "artists" they are trying to protect. Artists are just "product" to them to be "hawked" while it can, for as much as it can, while we "suckers" pay exorbitant amounts of money for inferior product, with precious little of that going to the musicians. Sony/BMG we like to be "kissed" before we get screwed. Your profits are falling so you think the way to compensate for that is to try to screw us to the floor, spy on our playing/ripping/burning habits by sneaking little "digital bombs" in to our property, and "kamikaze" blowing up on us, when we try to "exorcise your little electronic demons."

Well enough is enough, you were cool when you came out with the "Walkman" back in the days of founder and visionary Akio Morita. Now you guys are just a bunch of bums and has-beens with Samsung whipping your ass; technological bully's climbing up the trash heap of imminent extinction.

Hey Sony, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!


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