Live and Uplift:61

Photo by David Gallagher

Today's theme is life. Making the most of it. Living an "Uplift" lifestyle. Takes same amount of energy to be positive as it does to be negative. Partially inspired by recent podcaster zeigeist; Dave Slusher, Ted Reicken and others. Thanks for playing, Dave. Here's Dc3000(Uplift Remix)song mp3 link
Poem-Sarah Teasdale:I Would Live in Your Love
Background music: Highlife 4:14 Sonny Sharrock Band
What I will remember most about Sonny Sharrock even before the music will be the laughter... the sense of humor The fun We laughed a lot We laughed at the conditions that we had to tolerate to continue doing creative music We laughed at the reaction the response to that music from the journalists, the audience, even the musicians In fact we laughed the hardest at the musicians ... Peace Sonny You gave a lot... more than they'll ever know

Bill Laswell

Is this the life 5:36 Cardiacs
Start a Life 6:07 The Posies
Value Of Life 2:38 Cosmic Rough Riders
Thats Life 3:05 Bleu Headroom
Life Turned Her That Way 2:38 James Carr
Lifelong Shiner 4:46 The Dharmas
The Straight Life 3:34 Mudhoney
If Life Is Like A Lovebank I Want An Overdraft 3:51 The Wildhearts
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Blogger Brady said...

Sorry reading the title of this blog I thought it was a parapalegic porn site........MY BAD!!!

5:43 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Whatever get's you through the night.

3:36 AM  
Anonymous hugh said...

I can understand why you'd get confused when people use terms like brutal techno-Darwinism-on-crystal-meth, amateurish, and smutty charms to describe podcasters. Before you wander off, get Mark's Must Look Up to See Stars:57 show. You need to learn to trust your search engine. It found you a great site.

3:12 AM  
Blogger ThePrincessDenise said...

Thats an awesome picture :)

9:38 PM  
Blogger ThePrincessDenise said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Hugh-thanks man-he just came by because I've been in bloggerr blogs of note the last couple of weeks-thanks for yourcomments

ATGO-funnily, I just did an interview with an English musician and found out that is a building right around the corner from his house in London. That photagrapher who is linked has a lot of nice stuff

3:21 AM  

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