Dirt Bag to Lost Art#42

Howdy there hockey fans-happy to mention Dave Slusher at Evil Genius Chronicles. If intelligent talk and good music are your thing there you be. Like to say thanks to Brad Sucks for killer song-my son Kevin digs it too!
Poem 1& 2
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
metro 3:15 I am the World Trade Center
Absence 4:55 Antarctica 81:03

I'll Be Around 2:57 Superkreme
Lost Art 3:20 Mere Mortals
Background music
Gaia 2:33 Orb Gettarr
ddn 8:55 Orb Gettarr
deep mountain 4:32 Roland Barker
Lonely Satellites 5:26 Alchemical9

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