Chinese Father's Day#43

Happy Chinese Father's Day 爸爸節快樂! This show put together on 8/8 which is Chinese Father's day because 8/8 sounds like'Papa". Did spontaneous story to the song title's. Check out the Italian Born Chinese podcast. A very nice podcast about a guy with Chinese heritage, grew up in Milan, Italy and married his Taiwanese sweetheart and lives with her in Shanghai. Drop by Whole Lot of Nonsense and whish Brad P. speedy recovery!

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone 2:36 Sleater-Kinney
Crones 3:29 Oranger
Back To The Rebels 3:12 The Exit
Going Home 2:42 Screeching Weasel
Chinese Dancer 3:22 Proton Proton
mylovedarling 5:30 Dread Daze
Chemical Romance 3:45 Q Without U
World to Cry 3:33 The dB's

Background music:
Vincent Van Go Go 3:16 Hangin 10 on the Shinkansen Podsafe Music Network
BMs Beds and Bumpers 3:53 Fight Music Podsafe Music Network Playlist
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Blogger TC said...

Interesting site. The podcasts are interesting, what do you use to create them? I might give it a shot some time.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Bias Peak 4.1 software into my mac and then up to my host site.

12:55 PM  

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