I can't tell you how nice it feels when you sift through all the junk e-mails and find something like this in your inbox. I t was raining hard outside while I read this, but the sun was shining bigtime inside. Thanks so much Evo for taking the time to write this.
PS-Evo and his partner Michael have one rip-roaringly funny and witty podcast. I should know, I'm not an easy laugh!

Hi Mark,

No idea how I found your show. Someone must have told me to add it to my
aggregator and I did. When I listen to a podcast for the first time and
it puzzles me, it's usually a good sign. This time was no exception.

I've listened to a few of the episodes and am hooked. Your tastes in
tunes are just as strange as mine. Sweet! Also noticed you're reading
DaOitMK (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom) by Cory (Doctorow) and releasing it as a podiobook. Very cool. I've stuck the first few chapters in my MP3 player and will find some time to listen. It was cool to read, and I'm looking forward to listening, too!

Just letting you know I'm enjoying the work. :)


Evo Terra

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