Doing A Bang Up Job

I mentioned previously that I have a blogging buddy from NOLA that was incommunicado until last week. He posted on his blog: Bang Up Job (a fine mp3 music blog site that I've benefited tremendously from) last weekend letting everyone know he and his family were ok, minus electricity.

Then I didn't hear from him again until today-electricity is back on(still no internet service) and some small holes in his roof with a lot of debris around the house(for slide show). He is very fortunate-his family is ok and house sustained minor damage-basically got away with a mild disruption to his life. This I'm ecstatic about-but how about all the others who didn't fair as well or are much worse? For them please respond to the Red Cross banner on this site and do what you can.

Also, please drop by Bang Up Job and say hi- let Doolittle Good know you care and you're happy he's alive.


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