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My boy Big Dawg from Baltimore (pronounced “Balmer” kind of like famous Baltimore Oriole pitcher Jim Palmer), lent me the “Garden State” DVD. What a great movie-especially considering it was lead actor and director Zach Braff’s first crack. Extremely poignant and funny without being syrupy. A very nice modern love comedy, with believable acting.

TrouserPress- former fanzine rag, now an online encyclopedic resource for British bands, indie/alternative. http://www.trouserpress.com

The mother of all TV Blogs-Jump The Shark. If you just have to know what someone else thinks about a certain episode of 6 Feet Under... http://www.jumptheshark.com

For those of you who can’t get enough news. http://www.headupyourassheadlines.com/


Blogger Heavy T said...

Yo Money,

Thanks for the shout out and glad you liked the DVD . There's more where that came from.

Actually,"Balmer" is where I did my book learn'in. DC is where I call home. Suburban DC to be exact. Close enough anyway that you can see "W's chopper overhead on his way to Camp David....

Took time out of my busy Saturday night schedule (pronounced "Shed-dyool") and mananged, in between
nappy changes and Sesame Street re-runs, to enjoy your podcasts.

Particulary dug the one that opens with the guitar riff from the Cool Waters Band. Nice.

Was so moved at one point, had to call wifey in to check it out.
BTW, it is her studied opinion that you have a "good voice for radio."

So there you go, good stuff all around. Will now check in often.

np: Smile Buffalo (from Thailand)

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Blogger is3 said...

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