Business off the Web

I had long ago given up on getting viable contacts from people doing web searches and coming across my site. I’ve had numerous requests for people that want to buy one of my products, when I’m trying to sell whole containers full, or people from 3rd world countries wanting to find out more from my business, and asking for samples with me paying the freight...

Anyhow, it’s been several years since I’ve gotten a new customer off of an internet search-but low and behold the other day I got a phone call and e-mail from a fellow back in the States that wants to do a new product line. I had thought the web was way overcrowded with websites so search engines couldn’t be expected to bring up my site. It’s actually getting easier to do business over the net with tools like skype. E-mail already seems archaic.

My faith in search engines has been restored-now if only I could get this podcast to work...


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