Deplaned and ready for Valentines

Thanks to Pbeaulieau for photo
Howdy Leguppers-just returned from US trip and 20 hours of combined travel. I really want to get new podcast together but I need to first get caught up with my wife Anne and son Kevin. It's Valentine's Day so happy V-Day to you and your significant other. Will be p-Casting to you in shifted-time ASAP so keep your earballs ready.


Blogger Mike, ESC!Publications said...

Welcome back!

There's been a hole in our lives without the Brooklyn Bluesman to keep our ears and minds company. (I've been substituting Daily Source Code in your absence ... Hope you don't mind!)

Have a great V-Day!


3:59 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Hey Vienna Beef,
You know what to put in your hole-Getting a Leg Up of course. I don't know which show you are refering to, but I'm sure they pale in comparison.

Great to be back!

8:54 AM  
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