Making Oolong Tea the easy way

How to on brewing pot of Oolong Tea with tea maker instead of traditional small pot and cups.


DaoXiao Noodles

One of my favorite noodle styles is DaoXiao which are noodles sliced directly from dough into boiling water. These are nice and chewy-great texture. This shop is one of the best in Taichung and specializes in Tomato Beef Soup Noodles.


Take Off

Filmed going uphill to Dakung and Dog Shan area odf taichung, Taiwan. Needed to get out and enjoy the sun and mountains for a bit.


Night Owl

This video is an excursion through nearby Re-zoned District, which in Taiwan is often referred to as Red Light District because the 2 terms rhyme in Chinese and often tehre are "hostess clubs" that pop up in the rezoned areas with ample motels in the area as well.


Fengchia Night Market

Checking out the sights and eats at Fengchia Night market. One of Taichung's biggest and best next to big university. Backed with Wes Coast Feel by Revolution Void



Images and impressions from crusing around central Taiwan in my car and on my scooter. The Basement Jaxx remix-M.E. really created great mood. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs of all time-Cars by Gary Numan.


Man in a Box

Some random thoughts and scenes with friends, strangers and me. Music is by the talented JT Bruce


Noodle Goodness

Grabbing some great noodles from Muslim Chinese noodle place(beef and  lamb only no pork). Hit the mall  for a bit. Featured music Faces bu UKHeights.com


Moon Festival '07

Did this video during '07 Moon Festival(4 day weekend). Backed with Moshang-Comfort Zone from Chill Dynasty. Lowered compression this time-should be richer image.


Taichung Jade Market

Took atrip down to the old Jade Market by Taichung Park. Played song by Chang  Juichuan (remixed by http://moshang.net) from http://AsianVariations.com free web dowload album


Going To Huck's

Shot this video on my way to my favorite pizza palce here. Family-owned by former manager from teh US Shakey's chain. Nice peopel and yummy pizza. Music from http:garageband.com by Indikator-Electroplasm


Moshang Chilling at the Grooveyard

Moshang at Asian Variations premiere at Grooveyard in Taichung, Taiwan. Great event with Viba (also on Asian Variations free compilation) performing as well. Keep eyes open  for his video here soon.

Produced by Mark Forman and assisted by Kevin Forman(mobile camera work).


New Podcast Blog site

Like Old George H. said, "all things must pass." please point your brower to http://bbluesman.com to continue getting a leg up on getting a leg up.

Jimmy-World Eat

Photo by Prophecy Boy
Jimmy is the lead character in today's SongStory tale. He's different, a little bit like Tommy ( the Who's) and will be just fine when the rest of the world catches up to him. He's happy! Promos played- Parking in Bitterman Circle, AmigoFish Media mathematically powered nuclear search engine, and those poor tipplers at the Alcoholic Podcasters Anonymous. Music engine provided by SXSW Showcase artists.
Please by music directly from the bands
True Blue Remixed, Remastered 4:17 Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra
Buffalo Creek 3:39 American Minor
Birmingham 3:14 The Deaths
Elevation 3:49 Faceless Werewolves
Tightly Wound 3:40 The Capes
Borderline 2:42 Eliza Gilkyson
Take These Thoughts 4:19 Chris and Thomas
Hammer in My Hand 4:30 Grady
Red Hot 2:53 Ellegarden
Naked 1:49 Comanechi
Things That Could 3:39 Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic
Give Me Every Little Thing 5:26 The Juan Maclean
Tide 4:55 Audion
Definitely a bed of nails:Heart Attack American 2:51 The Bronx
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Oslo and Glasgow via Austin

Photo by Dav
Travel Advisory-we traverse the globe on this one. Great mix of music from Norway, Scotland, Senegal, Cuba, US, and all points in between, The ladies finish up for us today. All the fine songs from SXSW showcased bands. Included are promos for Escape Pod-otherworldly SciFi/ fantasy podcast, With Class- 2 of the hippest teachers reaching out to kids and parents with constructive and fun learning tools. Featuring interviews with youth oriented authors, Alternative Teenage Music Podcast with Anya NJ's most together young chick playing the latest and best of Podsafe music.
Please buy music directly from bands whenever possible.

Catch Electrique 3:26 WE
El Camionero 3:05 Very Be Careful
SOLOLA BIEN 7:01 Wenge Musica
Ghetto Ways 4:41 Scissors for Lefty
Yes 3:28 The Divorce
Above the Map 4:09 Zykos
Animals Can Reason 6:52 The.Story.Of
The Only Love 5:38 The Silos
Palm of My Hand 3:20 Susan Cowsill
Daniel Lee 3:13 Sarah Borges
El Dorado 3:40 Robyn Ludwick
Mean Streak 3:01 Death Vessel
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree 2:52 KT Tunstall
Laying on the bed: Abbesses 6:27 Birdy Nam Nam
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