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Living vicariously I take my son Kevin to his first baseball game(my first in Taiwan). Tim came along for the ride. Podcast song titles spell out the word b.a.s.e.b.a.l.l. the original "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is featured in background. I recite Lawrence Felinghetti's "Baseball Canto" and DH Lawrence "Virgin Youth"

Bla BLa Bla 3:58 Helt Off
All Fashion 3:36 Dig Dug
Suspension (Neal Avron Mix) 3:38 Mae
Eloquence 3:35 Carter Tanton
Blame The Vain 3:41 Dwight Yoakam
Above the Clouds 3:57 sparkle*jets u.k.
Less Than Zero 3:54 Q Without U
Lost Weekend 3:43 Brother Love
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Blogger bpende said...

I think that maybe you've reached the point where your:

Intent to
Net a
Amalgamation of
Themes which makes me

may be showing.

No, really... how long did it take you to find those 8 songs that you'd be willing to play that also spelled out baseball?

10:29 PM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

Insanity is just a state of mind. This is where my ever expanding database of song files comes in handy. Piece of Creative Artistic Keepsakes Exemplary

4:38 AM  

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