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Today's guest is Evil Genius Chronicles host Dave Slusher. First of 2 part interview. We'll call this the Vanilla part-cover's everything from Free Beer to Free Culture. Chocolate part up in a day or 2-help you have an informed, interesting, and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to check out Dave's new AmigoFish site and take it for a spin.
News Story for today:Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions

Out of Control 6:34 Dave Alvin
Losing You 3:34 The Redlands Palomino Co.
Cottonseed 6:23 Drive-By Truckers
The Animal Speaks 4:09 The Golden Palominos
In Background:Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job gettin' Dave on the other side of the microphone. Good pre-interview homework; this was so laid-back. The interview interruptions were to hear music (which I dug, BTW), and not to hawk some product to pay the bills. It was almost as though I was listening to a couple of buds talk over a few Buds. Looking forward to part 2, what with the first part totally rockin' and all..

9:02 AM  
Blogger Mark Forman said...

I can't tell you how much it means hearing these words from you. If I get no other feedback on these I'll know I did an ok job, because you said so.Dave was kind of my Clayton Cubit-I was kind of nervous but relaxed towards the end.

Pt. 2 is the good stuff. So glad you dug the tunes. I chose stuf that I thought both you and Dave would like(and that I like).

10:04 AM  

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